Event calendar

  • Institute is closed
  • 13 June, 14.15-15.34   Confucius Institute Seminar:
    Critical Examination of China’s Project of the Century:Belt and Road Initiative’s Impacts in Central Asia and Southeast Asia
  • 13 May: Summer courses start
  • 16th March: Chinese language teacher training day
  • 18th March: Guest lecture by Dr. Michel Beniard: The invasion of Manchuria and the Stimson Doctrine
  • 23rd March: HSK Writing Test
  • 25th March: HSKK Spoken Test
  • 1st February Confucius Institute Spring Festival Reception
  • 2nd February Chinese New Year Party with CSSA-UH at Alina Hall, New Student House
  • 4th February, 16-20 Chinese New Year Market at Kansalaistori
  • 25th February to 3 March LC registration period for University students

  • 25th February, 16-18 Guest lecture by Dr. Michel Beniard: The diplomatic career of Wellington Koo (1888-1985)

  • 2nd to 6th January LC registration period for University students

  • 3rd December Registration for Spring courses start (non-university students)
  • 14th December Autumn term ends
  • 13th October HSK test
  • 15th October HSKK test
  • 10th to 12th October China and the “Wider” Eastern Europe Conference, University of Turku Programme 
  • 4th September Courses start
  • 27th September Confucius Institute Day Seminar: Programme
    China and global governance by Zhang Baohui, Lingnan University Hong Kong
    The fate of C-ism by Jyrki Kallio, FIIA
  • 28th September New Autumn, New Friends - mingle event for CI students