Confucius Institute organises regularly different kind of courses for different target groups.
Announcement on 16 June 2022

The responsibility of basic-level teaching of Chinese language will transfer from Confucius institute to the Language Centre as of autumn term 2022. Non-student registration is to be done via Open University as soon as Chinese courses have been added to course selection.

Regular courses

Language Courses for Finnish University Students 

The Confucius Institute language courses will be run with the cooperation of the University of Helsinki’s Language Centre. These credited courses are available to University of Helsinki students (from all faculties). If you are a student of another Finnish university, please kindly remember to apply for JOO Flexible Study Rights before your university’s deadline. This will ensure that your taking of CI courses can be recognized by your university.

Language courses for non-University Students

Currently there are no separate courses for non-university students, but non-university students may join the aforementioned Language Centre courses. There are quotas both for university students and non-students in each course.

Culture and other special courses
We offer regularly also Chinese calligraphy and painting courses and time to time some special courses on Chinese history, philosophy or classical Chinese. These courses are open to everybody.


1. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS should register via Sisu.
The selection of students is done according to Language Centre´s rules. In case the course is full, the institute keeps right to limit the participation to degree students who have not taken the same course before.Registration weeks 2021–2022
Period 1, week 33-34 (16.–29.8.2021)
Period 2, week 41-42 (11.–24.10.2021)
Period 3, week 1 50-1 (13.12.2021–9.1.2022)
Period 4, week 8-9 (21.2–6.3.2022)

2. STUDENTS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES BUT UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI should first apply JOO Flexible Study Rights and second register via Sisu (see above)

If you are a student of another Finnish university (wishing to take a Chinese course without course fee) please remember to apply for JOO Flexible Study Rights before your university’s deadline. Your own university’s decision regarding your JOO study right needs to reach University of Helsinki by 1-30 April (for courses during autumn semester) or by 1-31 October (for courses during spring semester). Please see Univ. of Helsinki’s instructions and your own university’s instructions for more.

3. STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOLS and other NON-STUDENT LEARNERS register via an e-form below, provided during the registration periods. 

Registration periods:
Autumn term: 10 - 31 August 2021
Spring term: 13 December 2021- 9 January 2022

The registration is handled on a first come, first served basis. In case the course is full, the institute keeps right to select students who have not taken the same course before.
All students in this category are subject to a course fee.Please note that Spring term course fees should be paid before the start of the course, however not before 1 January.

Non-university students register by filling the following e-form during the registration period:
13 December 2021at 9:00 - 9 January 2022 at 23:30REGISTER HERE

NOTE: Students of Finnish universities and other schools plus CI´s regular students are given priority when granting a place in the course.


Course fee

For students of the University of Helsinki and students from other universities with JOO study right the teaching is free of charge. 

Other learners along with students from Universities of Appliced Sciences and students without JOO study right are subject to course fee.
26-28h course 99,20e
52-56h course 148,80e (The prices include 24%VAT).

After registration via e-form, confirm your participation by paying the course fee to the following bank account (please remember to write the reference number) and send a copy of the payment by email to mariliina.rasanen(at)helsinki.fiPlease note that Spring term course fees should be paid before the start of the course, however not before 1 January.

Bank account information
Name of recipient: University of Helsinki
Bank account: Nordea FI23 1660 3000 0777 20
swift code: NDEAFIHH
Reference number: 99113458

We pay the course fee back only on the following cases:
· course is full and we cannot arrange you a place to study
· the course is cancelled
· you have paid too much by mistake

Course ma­ter­ial and pay­ment of ma­ter­ial fee

Enrolled students can buy course books at the Confucius Institute (Unioninkatu 38A120).Course book sale will be held at Confucius Institute onTue 15 March 14.00-17.30.
Thu 17 March 13-16

Some copies of the course books are available in the university library. Books can also be ordered from online shops like Adlibris, Amazon etc.

Pay­ment in­struc­tions

The amount of the material fee is given in the detailed course description.

Current prices:
HSK standard course 1-4, textbook+workbook 31€/set (textbook 19€; workbook 12€)
HSK standard course 5-6, textbook+workbook 34€/set (textbook 19€; workbook 15€)

Students should pay the material fee directly to a University of Helsinki bank account. Receipt of the payment should be shown to the teacher. You can get the course textbook only after paying the material fee. Please note that the course fee and course material fee are to be paid separately. There are different reference numbers for these two payments, you should not pay them together.

Course material payment details:
Name of recipient: University of Helsinki
Bank account number: FI23 1660 3000 0777 20
Swift code: NDEAFIHH
Reference number: 991 12462

How to get cred­its/ Cer­ti­fic­ate

The credits of the students of University of Helsinki and JOO students will be registered automatically.

Other learners may obtain a certificate from the Confucius Institute. Please contact the coordinator after completing the course. The teacher will provide the credit list within one month after the final exam. 

Changing classes

If you find the course either too difficult or too easy, please discuss with your teacher. You may change to another class in case there is free place. Please inform the CI office of your change of the class.

Courses Autumn 2021

NOTE: In autumn 2021, all courses will be carried out online, mainly via Zoom and Moodle. The classes will be held as scheduled in the timetable, only carried out online. Details will be updated in the course descriptions below during the summer.

Courses in Language Centre:
CEFR 0Elementary Chinese 1 (group 3, mixed group for non-students and students)Elementary Chinese 2 (group 3, mixed group for non-students and students)
CEFR A1Elementary Chinese 3Elementary Chinese 4
CEFR A2Intermediate Chinese 1 (note: there are two optional groups)Intermediate Chinese 2 (note: there are two optional groups)Intermediate Spoken Chinese 1

CEFR B1Advanced Chinese 1 Advanced Chinese 3Chinese ReadingChinese Writing

CEFR B2Advanced Chinese 5Culture courses:KUKA-AA214 Chinese Painting
KUKA-AA216 Chinese Theatre from imperial China until today (Thursday 14.15-15.45) 9.9.-16.12.2021
ICE-TIG323 Rethinking globalisation in the 21st century:the east and the west (Tuesday 16.15-17.45), 2.11-14.12.2021

Course at language department:
 KIM-AA304, ALKU-AA313 and ALKU-C504 Classical Chinese (Beginners and intermediate) (Friday 14.15-15.45) 10.9-17.12.2021

Chinese Phonetic Clinic & Speaking Exercise Workshop 
Fridays 16:00 - 17:00 *Start from 8th October, end on 3rd December 2021Read moreRegister

Courses Spring 2022

Note: In Spring 2022  some of the courses will be offline and some online, please check the course description for details.

Courses in Language Centre:Elementary Chinese 1Elementary Chinese 2Elementary Chinese 3Elementary Chinese 4Intermediate Chinese 1Intermediate Chinese 2Intermediate Chinese 3Intermediate Chinese 4Advanced Chinese 2Advanced Chinese 4Advanced Chinese 6Intermediate Spoken Chinese 2Advanced Spoken Chinese 2Media Chinese

Self-learning online course:Learning Chinese Characters (1cr)

Culture courses:Chinese CalligraphyKungfutselaisuus eilen ja tänään

Course at language department:
Classical Chinese B, Beginners / Intermediary (KIM-AA305/ALKU-AA313/ALKU-C504) Fri 14-16

Chinese Phonetic Clinic & Speaking Exercise Workshop
On Fridays, details TBA

Courses Summer 2022

Online Summer Course: Introduction to Chinese Poetry (KUKA-AA214)
10-31.5.2022, 22h

This summer course is primarily for students with intermediate-level of Chinese skills to learn about basics of classical and modern Chinese poetry and to experience poetry recitation. Maximum 40 students will be admitted to this course. Priorities will be given to

-Students with intermediate-level Chinese ability in KUKA programme at the University of Helsinki
-Students with intermediate-level Chinese ability in Confucius Institute/Language Centre at the University of Helsinki
-High school students and above with intermediate-level Chinese ability in Finland

This course will begin with introductory lessons on classical and modern Chinese poetry. Topics to be covered include main features of the poetry, major poets and poems, and historical contexts of their creation. Students will get to practice recitation of the poems with Chinese language teachers for several times. In the end of the course, there will be a poem recitation event and best performers will get prizes for their performance.

Full programme

UH Student register both in SISU and via e-form
Other students register via the following e-form:



Course timetable

Confucius Institute follows the UH´s 7 week long study periods. See the Spring 2022 timetable.

Tailor-made Courses

Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki offers tailor-made Chinese language training in the city Helsinki and nearby areas (e.g. Espoo, Vantaa). You can either choose from a range of existing standard Chinese courses, or opt for a customized Chinese course designed to meet the needs of your company, school or organization’s needs.
Prior to the beginning of the course, we will discuss your requirements, expectations and goals and come up with the best language training solution for your organization’s need. If your organization, school or company is interested in having tailor-made Chinese language training, please send your letter of intent, explaining the needs of your organization and a short description of your organization to confucius-info(at)

Recent Experience

The Finnish start-up scene is booming, and many of these ambitious new companies have a clear objective of doing business in China. Our first course was cooperated with internationally known Finnish entrepreneur, Peter Vesterbacka, founder of Angry Bird. Our weekly lessons were held at the We+ co-working space at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki.

Words from our customers:“I want to thank you and your colleagues about the excellent language course I´ve been happy to join on Thursdays. It´s been fun and effective!” Kaisu Helminen, Lumo Education

Words from our students
  • "Kiitos että järjestitte kurssin Chinese Culture! Kurssi oli haastava mutta erittäin antoisa."
  • “I am in exchange in Jinan, in China at the moment, and teaching is all Chinese, but with the great experience of attending your courses, I can proudly say that after only a year of studying Chinese with you, I can participate and understand"

  • "There´s a good atmosphere and the teaching is fun and interesting."