Chinese Bridge - International Chinese Language Competition
The Chinese Bridge ("汉语桥" 世界大学生/中学生中文比赛) is an international Chinese speech competition for College and Upper Secondary School students.

Confucius Institute organizes the Finnish preliminaries of the Chinese Bridge competition every spring.

The 13th annual Chinese Language Speech Event in Finland, together with the preliminaries of the 19th Chinese Bridge competition for College students, will be held on Friday 8 May 2020. This year the event has for the forth time a separate session for Upper secondary school students to demonstrate their Chinese language skills.

Audience is welcome!

2020 Chinese Bridge Competition for College Students and Upper Secondary School Students

Time: Friday 8 May 2020 at 13- 16  CANCELLED
Venue: Hotel Arthur Ballroom, Vuorikatu 19, Helsinki.
This national event is organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki in cooperation with Chinese Embassy.

You are welcome to make a presentation in Chinese! Additional help is given by your own Chinese language teacher or the teachers at the Confucius Institute. Further information is also available from the Confucius Institute: 
mariliina.rasanen(at), tel. 02941 22868

Registration to mariliina.rasanen(at) by 22 April 2020. 
Registration information must include the following:
1 Participant: name, school, age, home address, phone and e-mail
2 Title of speech and title of performance (In Chinese and English)
3 Name and contact information of the Chinese language teacher
4 Participation to Chinese Bridge competition for college students or upper secondary school students

Compensation of travel expences
Confucius Institute, University of Helsinki will pay the travel expenses (only train or bus fare will be accepted) for the students coming outside of the capital area. The travel expenses of the teachers accompanying their students will be covered in case their employer will not cover them. One night accommodation can be arranged to participants coming with no return transportation on the same day.

For detailsChinese Bridge Competition for College StudentsChinese Bridge Competition for Upper Secondary School Students 

Information and assistance

The Confucius Institute will provide tuition and assistance to the winner to help him/her to prepare for the Chinese Bridge Competition in China.

Further information on the Chinese Bridge competition:

Winners of the Finnish Preliminaries 2019

University Student group:
No.1 will represent Finland in the internationl semifinals and finals in China in July and No.2 will join the finals as an observer.
No.1: Laura Somersalo, University of Eastern Finland
No.2: Laura Lavikainen, University of Turku

Secondary School Student group:
No.1will represent Finland in the international competition in China in October.
No.1 : Ida Emilia Nurmi, Alavus Upper Secondary School
No.2 : Janari Rahu, Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School, Vantaa

(<-- Pic 2018 Upper secondary school winners Kuura Janhunen and Mikko Hyry participated the competition in China in October)

Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition 2019 in Changsha

The Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for College Students, which has been held annually since 2002, consists of two phases: overseas preliminaries and competitions in China. This year the competition included “crossing the bridge” (written test, speech, and talent show), quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. Laura Somersalo from University of Eastern Finland was the winner of the Finnish Preliminaries of 2019 International Chinese Bridge Competition and she was sent to China to compete.

According to Laura, the trip went very well, although she did not make it to the World Top 30. She thought was very nice to meet others who have also been learning Chinese and exchange ideas in an international environment. It is actually exactly the reason why many students want to participate in the competition, it is a great way to make new friends from all over the world and in the end, the result of the competition is not as important as the overall experience.

The contestants were split into categories according to their continent of origin and most of the trip was spent with the people in the same category. For example meals, bus rides and competitions were all together with students from the same continent.

In Beijing, on the first day there were some interviews and taking of promotional pictures. On the second day the contestants were taken on a tour to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. On the third day they were taken to visit the Great Wall and then taken to the airport from where they flew to Changsha.

Changsha was the location of the actual competition. One day was spent in an exam which included listening comprehension, cultural and historical questions and an essay. Two days were spent in watching everyone’s personal performances, since this year in Changsha there were 157 university students from 122 countries.  There was also a day in studio with multiple choice questions which was completed in groups split by continents.

After the competition, there were a few days to do sight seeing in Changsha before the eliminated contestants were sent back home. The weather was hot and it did not rain much, the food was good. As a prize for participating and representing Finland in the competition, Laura received a 6-months scholarship to study in China.