Confucius Institute has both Finnish and Chinese staff.  The local director and coordinator (and student trainee at times) are staff of the University of Helsinki. The Chinese director and teachers come from CI`s partner school, Renmin University of China. Besides the staff members located the University of Helsinki there are five CI Chinese language teachers working at different teaching sites at the Universities of Oulu, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Eastern Finland.

Mikael Mattlin is acting Professor of Chinese Studies and acting Director of the Confucius Institute. His current research interests include:

  • Global economic governance and normative change
  • China’s foreign economic policies and economic diplomacy
  • Development lending
  • Political evolution of authoritarian regimes
  • The use of games and simulations in IR teaching
Tel. 02941 23001/ 050-5560310

Julie Yu-Wen Chen is Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of Confucius Institute.
(On leave during May 2018- April 2019)
Her research and teaching interests are:

  • Ethnic politics
  • Chinese diplomacy and foreign relations
  • Comparative politics, with a focus on comparing China with other regimes
  • Different Chinese societies and their cultures

Julie Yu-Wen Chen online
Website for Chinese Studies at the University of Helsinki 
Research profile

WANG Hong, associate professor, is from the School of Foreign Languages, Renmin University of China (RUC). Invited by the University of Helsinki as visiting professor and appointed by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters and RUC, she has been serving as Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki from November 2014 up to now.

She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Birmingham, UK (2006-07) and the University of Massachusetts (Boston), USA (2012-13). She has taught College English and Corpus Linguistics at RUC for many years.

Wang’s research areas include

  • applied linguistics
  • corpus linguistics
  • language education

She has published quite a number of academic papers in these areas as well as several national-level College English course books widely used in Chinese universities. She has also led many key research and curriculum reform projects of RUC, such as using Corpora in teaching English, reforming and innovating RUC’s college English curriculum, applying new approach in cultivating top English talents, and designing and implementing RUC-SOPE(Standards for Oral Proficiency in English) and RUC-TOPE(Test of Oral Proficiency in English). She has been awarded Excellent Teaching Achievement First Prize by RUC, and Second Prize by Beijing Municipal Education Commission.
+358 (0)2941 229717 / 050-4487800

Mariliina Räsänen is coordinator of the Confucius Institute. She takes care of the daily administrative tasks of the Institute like

  • course adminstration
  • student councelling
  • communication
  • marketing
  • financing
+358 (0)2941 22868, 050-3199538

Lecturer in Chinese Language

Her research and teaching interests are: 

  • Teaching Chinese language as a foreign language
  • Chinese cultural studies
  • Cultural and intercultural communication in translation studies
+358 (0)2941 22872, 050-4489182

Lecturer in Chinese Language

His research and teaching interests are:

  • Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Modern Chinese Language and Businese Chinese
  • Chinese Cultural Studies
  • Language Pedagogy

Lecturer in Chinese Language

Her research and teaching interests are:

  • Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
  • Chinese cultural studies
  • Chinese art

Teacher in Chinese language

Her research and teaching interests are:

• Teaching Chinese language as a foreign language
• Chinese traditional paiting, Chinese cooking and Chinese tea art.
• Cultural and intercultural communication

Lecturer in Chinese Language
Located at the Language Centre at the University of Tampere

Her research and teaching interests are:

  • Comparison of Chinese and English language
  • Focus on Chinese culture and other cultures
  • Research on Intercultural studies 
+358 46 5665210