Decision-making and financing

The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki is a non-profit educational and research unit affiliated to the University of Helsinki´s Faculty of Arts. It is a joint project between University of Helsinki and Renmin University of China. The Institute follows the strategy and policies of the University of Helsinki and the guidelines laid down by Hanban (also known as Confucius Institute Headquarters of China) and the Board.

The Institute has a part-time director appointed by the University of Helsinki and a full-time deputy director appointed by the Renmin University of China. The director is in charge of overall strategic planning and decision-making and the deputy director more of running the daily operation of the Institute and keeping contact with the Chinese partners.

Julie Yu-Wen Chen
Su Qin

The Confucius Institute was founded in 2007 and is affiliated to the Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts. It shares the strategy of the University of Helsinki and its policies in financial management, and support the Faculty of Arts in reaching its goals. The staff of the Institute play also an important role in decision-making.

The Board is appointed by the Rectors of the two partner Universities and comprises of three members from Renmin University of China and three members from University of Helsinki. The Board convenes once a year to decide about the operation of the Institute and to approve its´ financing.

The Confucius Institute functions as a unit of the Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. The annual budget is ca. 0,25 M €. The institute is jointly funded by the University of Helsinki and Hanban. In addition the Institute has minor income source from course fees.