CSDS organises multiple events throughout the year. Some are regular, like Friday coffees and some are once in a lifetime.
Open Fri­day Cof­fee
  • Need help with social data science?
  • Want to speak about research approaches and methodological choices?
  • Hitting some issues with actually implementing research methods?
  • Would you like to discuss your topic of research with someone?
  • Feeling lonesome?

Come and have a cup of tea or coffee with us! It may have surprising consequences.

When? Most Fridays at 9am (Helsinki Time Zone). Look at our calendar and register yourself as a visiting player in our team.
Please note that some Fridays are booked for the CSDS Researchers only.

Where? Zoom

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Krista, Mikko, Christina, Maria, Matti, Kimmo, and Joni

So­cial Data Science Open Research Sem­inar

CSDS (Centre for Social Data Science) Friday Coffee combined with a seminar for PhD and Master’s students in Social Data Science and related disciplines, and anyone interested in a research-oriented way in Social Data Science.

Why? Learning and sharing & vitalizing! Collaboration! Fun!

When? (About) every other Friday at 10-12 (right after Open Friday Coffee at 9-10).
See the schedule on the course page of the seminar.

Where? Zoom

Open access to social science data: challenges and solutions

How to share your data? What kind of pitfalls, possibilities and opportunities are there? Have you shared your data and would like to share your observations? Welcome to hear presentations from researchers and support services, as well as discuss and contribute in co-writing a document about data sharing.

All interested are welcome!

Chair Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen, professor in social policy

Co-chair Krista Lagus, professor in digital social science


  • Welcome note, Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen 
  • A note on co-creation practices, Krista Lagus 

Researcher talks

  • Experiences in giving open access to big data, Krista Lagus
  • Considering open data access for a database on COVID-19 related social policy measures, Heikki Hiilamo  
  • Tackling the biases and bubbles in participation with open access survey data, Hanna Wass 
  • Open access to your research data: The perspective of a PhD student working with qualitative data, Jawaria Khan 

Support for making social science data openly accessible

  • To share or share not: Challenges in opening your research data, Monica Allardt, Data Services University of Helsinki  
  • Support with opening your research data through trusted repositories, Helena Laaksonen, Finnish Social Science Data Archive/Tampere University   

Co-creation event

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions. We may all also contribute to co-writing a set of observations, experiences, comments and open questions concerning data sharing.The co-writing may begin already during the presentations.

The resulting co-written document will improve everyone’s understanding on what are the pitfalls, challenges, possibilities and solutions that researchers encounter when considering sharing their data, as well as stimulate further developments.


Event is co-organized with the Center for Social Data Science, and with support from Helsinki Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

Past events

Data Science in Society, January 2020

Data Science in Society was an open event organised in Think Corner by HiDATA and CSDS in January 2020.

The programme, the talks, and speaker biographies are available on the HiDATA website.

Opening ceremony, October 2019

CSDS was officially opened on Monday, 28th October 2019 in Unioninkatu 35, Helsinki.

The auditorium of U35 was full of invited participants - students, researchers, teachers, alumni, and staff from various units of the University of Helsinki, other universities of Finland and other institutions. In addition, hundreds of people were following the opening stream online. The event was held in Finnish.

The opening speech was delivered by Taina Kyllönen, the Director of Communications and Community Relations, who also introduced the CSDS staff (at that time, the five founding fellows).

The audience had an honor to enjoy two special talks given by our distinguished academic fathers:

  • Teuvo Kohonen, Academic and Emeritus Professor of the Academy of Finland:
    On the Expectations Related to Artificial Intelligence (Tekoälyyn liittyvistä odotuksista)
  • Seppo Mustonen, Emeritus Professor of Statistics:
    Statistical Computing with Survo (Tilastollista tietojenkäsittelyä Survolla)

The (almost) complete video of the opening (produced by Unigrafia) is available in Vimeo.