CSDS organises multiple events throughout the year. Some are regular, like Friday coffees and some are once in a lifetime.
Open Fri­day Cof­fee

Need help with data science? Want to speak about research approaches and methodological choices? Hitting some issues with actually implementing research methods? Would you like to discuss your topic of research with someone? 

Feeling curious about 

  • datafication or digitalisation?
  • machine learning or AI?
  • computational methods?
  • statistical modelling?
  • automated analysis of text, images or other qualitative data analysis?
  • some other methodological topics?

Come and have a cup of tea or coffee with us! It may have surprising consequences.

When? Every Friday from 14:00 to 15:00, starting from 21.1.2022. 

We are happy to meet you – so far in Zoom.

You are warmly welcome without a prior notice, but in case you have some questions in mind, it is worthwhile to fill this registration form. Please do it a few days before you join us so we can try to have suitable experts present.

Zoom link

Registration form


The Friday Coffee meetings are organised conjointly by the Methodological Unit of the Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities (HSSH) and the Centre for Social Data Science (CSDS).

So­cial Data Science Open Research Sem­inar

Open Research Seminar for PhD and Master’s students in Social Data Science and related disciplines, and anyone interested in a research-oriented way in Social Data Science.

Why? Learning and sharing & vitalizing! Collaboration! Fun!

When? (About) every other Friday at 10-12.
See the schedule on the course page of the seminar.

Where? Zoom

Event calendar