Mind and Matter Workshop: Controlling brain rhythms using 'tACS' brain stimulation

Synchronization of brain rhythms supports human learning, perception and social cognition. Non-invasive brain stimulation provides a useful tool to investigate causal roles of oscillatory brain activity in human behaviour.

Mind and Matter organises a workshop that focuses on how transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) can be used to manipulate how brain rhythms synchronize to external auditory input, and to control brain-to-brain synchronization. (See a recent review on tACS ...and on use of tACS between brains).

Date: Monday, 6 March 2023

Place: Minervatori, Siltavuorenpenger 5 A, 00170 Helsinki

Registration: by Wednesday, 1 March 2023 at https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/122257/lomakkeet.html


Invited speakers:

Dr. Benedikt Zoefel (Brain and Cognition Center, Toulouse, France)

Dr. Giacomo Novembre (Italian Institute of Technology, Rome, Italy)


Organisers: Ben Cowley (AI, Education) and Riikka Möttönen (Cognitive Science), Mind and Matter profiling area, University of Helsinki



09:30 – 10:30 Benedikt Zoefel: Fundamentals of tACS

Coffee break

10:45 – 11:45 Benedikt Zoefel: Modulating speech processing with tACS

Lunch Break

13:00 – 14:15 Giacomo Novembre: Multi-Person Brain Stimulation

Coffee + Demonstration

15:00 End of workshop