Dynamis brings together Finnish metaphysicians

The Finnish Network for Metaphysics held its 2022 seminar in August with support from Mind and Matter

On 17 and 18 August 2022, Mind and Matter University Researcher Alex Carruth, alongside colleague Dr Valdi Ingthorsson (University Lecturer, Filosofi) organised the annual Dynamis seminar with the support of the Mind and Matter initiative. Dynamis is the Finnish network for metaphysics, the discipline in which both Alex and Valdi specialise.

This two-day in-person seminar, organised this year at the University of Helsinki, is an annual event which aims to strengthen Finnish metaphysics on a grass-root level. The seminar gathers researchers from across Finland addressing a broad spectrum of subjects related to metaphysics, including key issues in the area of mind and matter such as causation, free will and social constructionism.

The programme featured presentations from both graduate students and those at later career stages working on metaphysics in Finland. Dynamis understands metaphysics in a broad sense, including but not limited to historical approaches and the application of theoretical resources of metaphysics to other areas of philosophy, including the philosophies of mind, science, language, society and more besides. You can find the topics discussed in this year’s seminar in the programme and the book of abstracts (see below).

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