Master's Programme in International Business Law, Master of International and Comparative Law (2 years)

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Degree level
Master's degree
Start semester
2019 Autumn
Scope of studies
Language of instruction
Tuition fee per year (only non-EU/EEA citizens)
13000 €
Application period
3.12.2018 - 11.1.2019

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As economic life is affected by globalisation, it is important for successful business law professionals to have extensive knowledge of international business law. The MDP in International Business Law (IBL) is a two-year research-oriented Master´s programme where you will become an internationally-oriented business law professional well-qualified for a career in legal practice and academia.

In the IBL programme you will be able to

  • Increase and deepen your knowledge and understanding of business law, including contract law, company law, IP law, competition law and commercial dispute resolution
  • Further develop your analytical, legal argumentation and communications skills
  • Develop research skills and business law knowledge in order to continue your studies in a PhD programme
  • Study in an international and multicultural environment with students and staff from all over the world
  • Network with potential employers and other potential future colleagues in the field of international business law

Further information about the studies on the Master's programme website:

Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries, who do not have a permanent residence status in the area, are liable to pay tuition fees. You can check from FAQ at the Studyinfo website whether or not you are required to pay tuition fees.

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The teaching language of the programme is English. At least 75% of the degree must be completed fully in English (e.g. seminars, seminar papers and similar written work, exams and the Master’s thesis). However, you can also study in other languages, and for example include a semester abroad or law courses taught in Finnish or Swedish.

The International Business Law (IBL) programme offers you the possibility to learn more about business related subjects such as contract and consumer law, commercial law (including company law, securities markets law, competition law and IP law) and commercial dispute resolution from an international point of view.

In the IBL programme you will learn by participating in lecture courses and case study courses as well as by writing seminar papers, presenting your work and completing a research seminar while writing your Master’s thesis. Depending on the courses you take, you will either be studying more independently or you will be involved in group work.

In addition to regular courses and seminars, you have the possibility to participate in Moot Court Competition or Helsinki Law Clinic courses to gain practical experience, network and meet potential employers. We encourage you to seize career opportunities already during your studies. Especially during your second year the year-long research seminar is conducted in such a way that you can work or do an internship during the semesters.

One of the cornerstones of the MDP in International Business Law is its versatility: in addition to all essential fields of business law we offer an extensive selection of other law courses. You can choose to broaden or deepen your expertise in international business law - or both.

You don’t choose any specialisation as such, but you are free to focus on the topics that you are most interested in by selecting your optional studies from the large variety of courses offered by the Faculty of Law or other Helsinki University departments.

You will have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge especially in

  • Contract and consumer law
  • Commercial law (including company law, securities markets law, competition law and IP law)
  • Commercial dispute resolution (especially international arbitration)

In addition to the core IBL courses you can focus on topics such as European law, international tax law, international commercial contracts and Russian/Chinese business law. You can also attain a more multidisciplinary degree by taking courses from other faculties or universities.

The scope of the master´s programme is 120 credits (ECTS) to be completed in two academic years. The programme comprises compulsory and optional studies, seminars and research work including a Master’s thesis. In the first year you will concentrate on compulsory and optional studies, and in the second year you will write your thesis and take more optional studies. You can also include an internship and a student exchange period as part of your degree.

During the second year you will write a master´s thesis (30 credits), an independent research project. Your research and writing will be supported by regular research seminar meetings. You will agree on the topic of your thesis with your thesis supervisor. To support your individual career interests, you are free to choose any business law oriented thesis topic, as long as it is approved by your thesis supervisor.

The research seminar in International Business Law is a year-long project during which you will participate in seminar meetings once a month, complete seminar assignments, present your papers, discuss the papers, take a seminar exam, write your Master’s thesis and present the findings in front of the class. During the research seminar you will get regular feedback about your work from your supervisor and fellow students. Upon completing the research seminar, you will have advanced academic argumentation and writing skills as well as thorough understanding of your thesis topic.

Upon graduation you will be an internationally oriented business law professional who is well-qualified for careers in legal practice (such as law firms and corporate legal departments) as well as legal academia. You will have diverse career opportunities both in Finland and abroad. In Finland, for example, law firms have started to recruit students who have completed the MDP in International Business Law. In general, the employment situation for lawyers – especially in the field of business law – is very good.

In the programme you will complete the degree ofMaster of International and Comparative Law (MICL) (kansainvälisen ja vertailevan oikeustieteen maisteri). The degree of Master of International and Comparative Law provides general eligibility for postgraduate studies and qualifies you for positions which require a master´s level education. However it does not qualify for positions which specifically require a Finnish Master of Laws (oikeustieteen maisteri, OTM) degree.

At the UH Faculty of Law you will take part in an international and multicultural learning environment with students and staff from all over the world. You will also have the possibility to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student in one of Faculty’s numerous partner universities or include a traineeship abroad as part of your study programme.

All courses included in the MDP in International Business Law are provided by the Helsinki University Faculty of Law. You will also be able to earn credits from courses in other institutions, such as other law faculties.

The main participants in the programme are Finnish law firms, which are also potential employers. For example, you can take part in one of the thesis programmes provided by some of the larger law firms.

  1. Law across boundaries and globalising law
  2. National legal system and its Nordic characteristics and European connections
  3. Law, digitalisation and technology
  4. Law and sustainability
  5. Law, security, welfare and privacy
  6. Legal basis and regulation of markets and business

The Master´s degree provides general eligibility for you to continue to doctoral studies.

How to apply
Below you’ll find a link to the entry requirements for this programme. The application period to our international programmes is in December every year.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law provides training so that you can become a skilled, internationally competitive expert with skills required for demanding positions both in Finland and abroad. As a lawyer graduating from the Faculty, you can pursue a career in the private sector, in public administration, in the judiciary sector and private legal practice, in research, or in fields other than the traditional legal professions. Lawyers are highly valued and find employment easily. As part of a leading multidisciplinary European university, the Faculty of Law at the University of Helsinki and its Vaasa Unit of Legal Education form the leading Finnish institution for legal research and education. The Faculty is also a highly regarded international research and study environment which is extremely popular among prospective students.

Teaching focuses on fostering the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and solving legal problems, as well as developing diverse argumentation and interaction skills. Teaching is under constant development, and your opinions and wishes are an important part of this process. As a student here you can participate in decision-making and preparatory activities at the Faculty as a member of various committees and the Faculty Council, for example.

The Faculty is also in close interaction with organisations within the public and private sectors, providing a wide range of expert and training services.

The Faculty of Law is located in the Porthania building in the heart of the City Centre Campus. Porthania was recently renovated into an elegant building equipped with modern learning technologies. The brand new Helsinki University Main Library in Kaisa House and the Learning Centre Alexandria nearby also provide you with modern learning facilities. Also at your disposal are many other services of the Helsinki University Library, such as databases, online journals and textbooks.

The Faculty of Law is located in the vicinity of many public offices and the Finnish Parliament, where key legislation is prepared. In addition, teachers and researchers at the Faculty have extensive social networks which can help you make contact with influential people within Finnish and European society. Public administrators from various government offices and courts, as well as many practicing attorneys, participate in the teaching offered at the Faculty. As a student, you will have an opportunity to network with key employers in both the public and private sectors during your studies, with traineeships and visits to companies and government authorities.

As a University of Helsinki degree student, you can participate in a student exchange or traineeship outside Finland. The University has approximately 500 high-quality partner universities throughout the world, and each year some 1,000 University students embark on a student exchange or traineeship. A stay abroad gives valuable skills and experiences:

  • You can incorporate an international dimension into your degree and obtain international expertise in your field. A well-planned student exchange provides you with diverse, unique skills!
  • You will gain a new perspective on the world, learn more about yourself and enhance your language proficiency.
  • You will get better acquainted with the culture of the target country, meet new people and be able to establish international networks in your field.

More information about studying abroad:

At the University of Helsinki we provide an accessible learning environment for all students.

If you have a disability, an illness or a learning disability, and might need some special arrangements to be able to complete your studies, please contact the faculty at the beginning of your studies or when the need arises.

You will usually agree upon the practical arrangements with your professor before the course or seminar begins. If needed, you can also consult the Head of Academic Affairs at the faculty.

Special arrangements for your studies, such as individual support for learning, might include extra time to complete assignments and exams, teaching materials given in advance or in electronic form, accessibility to classrooms and alternative ways to complete assignments and coursework.

If you would like more information about special arrangements, please contact the Student Services in the City Centre at

As a student at the University of Helsinki, you will have access to a wide range of services and benefits; such as housing, meals, health care, wellbeing and sports. On the New Student web pages, you will find information on necessary insurance, permits, and fees. As a member of the University of Helsinki Student union (HYY) you will have a great variety of services at your disposal and will be able to participate in various events and activities. Discounts are available for students, for example for travelling, cultural events, and several stores. Sub-organisations of HYY also organise a wide variety of social events. You will find more information on Instructions for students.