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Master's Admission, Master's Programme in Translational Medicine, Master of Science (2 years)

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Application for Master's Programmes in English, spring 2019 (University of Helsinki)
Application period
3.12.2018, 08:0011.1.2019, 15:00
Study places (for first timers) (for first timers)
30 (0)


You may apply if you meet the following two criteria:

  1. You have completed or will complete by 31 July 2019 at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent at a university or an institution of higher education in natural sciences or life sciences (for example biomedicine, or computer science or a related field (e.g., psychology and engineering)). NB! Degrees higher than a Bachelor’s degree are not regarded as an additional merit.
  2. You are able to demonstrate your proficiency in English. For further instructions on demonstrating your proficiency in English, see the section “Required attachments”.

If you are currently or have previously been a student at the University of Helsinki, please note the following rules.

If you have refugee status or are in a refugee-like situation, and you do not have the official documents to prove your eligibility to apply for higher education, you can still apply to the University of Helsinki.


The application procedure of TRANSMED is part of the international graduate student selection procedure of the University of Helsinki.

The application period starts on 3 December 2018 at 8.00 am and ends on 11 January 2019 at 3.00 pm (GMT+2). The applications should be submitted through and applications and applicants must follow the general admission procedures and the relevant country specific requirements of the University of Helsinki for the international Master’s programmes (defined in

The application must include all enclosures required by the University of Helsinki. TRANSMED applications must also include a copy of the photo page of the applicant ́s passport or other identification document, and one letter of recommendation (in English) from an academic professional. The referee should specify in which capacity he/she has formed an expert opinion of the applicant. The recommendation letter must be dated and include the signature of the referee. Only an original or an officially certified copy of the recommendation can be accepted. If the application includes more than one recommendation letter, only one arbitrarily selected recommendation will be included in the evaluation.

The application will be processed in the student selection procedure only if it satisfies the minimum requirements set by the University of Helsinki and includes a motivation letter submitted as part of the application form (instructions for the TRANSMED motivation letter are published in, a letter of recommendation and a copy of an identification document. The application documents will not be returned.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Translational Medicine can be completed fully in English.

Applicants to TRANSMED are required to have academic level English skills as defined by the Rector for the admission 2019. A description of the means of verifying academic level English skills is available at

The Faculty of Medicine accepts studies in English as foreign language (as defined in the Government Decree on University Degrees 794/2004) in a degree fully completed at a Finnish university or at a Finnish university of applied sciences as an indication of applicant’s sufficient English language skills.


The maximum annual enrolment of TRANSMED is thirty (30) students.


The student selection has two phases. In phase one, all eligible applications are evaluated by a selection committee nominated by the TRANSMED Board. Four selection committee members score the applications independently based on i) the content and the suitability of the Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (40%), including the grades of the Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with reference to the academic level of the institution of education; ii) the motivation letter by the applicant (40%) and iii) the letter of recommendation (20%). Each evaluator gives a recommendation for phase 2 interview invitations based on the scoring.

In the second phase, a maximum of 60 applicants with the highest application scores and with a recommendation for the interview from at least three (3) evaluators are invited to an on-line interview. The invitations with interview schedules and instructions will be sent by Monday 11 March 2019. The interviews will be conducted on Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 March 2019 by two members of the selection committee. The applicants should have a possibility for a Skype interview and a Skype ID. A head-set is strongly recommended.

The objective of the interview is to ensure the applicant’s motivation, communication skills, and the feasibility of the applicant’s aims as based on the written application.

The interviews are scored on a three-step scale: outstanding, as expected, and poor. Applicants reaching “outstanding” or “as expected” interview scores will be ranked for admission and for wait list positions on the basis of their total score (the sum of their application and interview scores).


Applicants will be informed of the results of the student selection by email by 12 April 2019 at the latest. Please note the one study place per term provision if you are applying for more than one study programme in spring 2019.

An applicant whose application is processed in the student selection procedure (as indicated in “Application Procedure”) and who is unsatisfied with the student selection has a right to appeal to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine within 14 days of the announcement of the results (day of announcement not included).

An appellant who is not satisfied with the decision of the Faculty Council on his/her appeal, can challenge the decision by submitting an appeal to the Administrative Court, as provided in the Administrative Judicial Procedure Act (586/1996 and 433/1999). The appeal should be submitted within 30 days of notice of the Faculty Council’s decision. A fee will be charged for the Administrative Court’s decision. The appeal cannot result in a more unfavorable selection result for the appellant.


Statistics on applicants can be found on the University’s webpage.

Required attachments

The application must be accompanied by the following documents, and the documents must be submitted as instructed below:

  • Official photocopy of the degree certificate/diploma
  • Official transcript
  • Certificate of language proficiency
  • Authorised translations into English, Finnish or Swedish
  • A photocopy of your passport, your official identity card or your Finnish residence permit card
  • Diploma supplement (if available)
  • Motivation letter as part of online application form
  • One letter of recommendation (see details below)


1)    Read carefully the instructions on application enclosures and their submission.

2)    You must demonstrate your proficiency in English. Read the instructions on proving your language skills.

3)    If the degree serving as grounds for application to the programme is still incomplete, you need not submit a degree certificate/diploma with the application documents. If you are admitted, the admission decision will be conditional, and you will receive instructions with your letter of admission for submitting the official degree certificate/diploma. NB! Your degree must be completed by 31 July 2018. The final degree certificate/diploma must be presented by 14 August 2019 at the latest.

Letter of recommendation requi­red in TRANS­MED applica­tion

You have to submit one letter of recommendation (in English) from an academic professional to your application. The referee should specify in which capacity he/she has formed an expert opinion of the applicant. The recommendation letter must be dated and include the signature of the referee. Only an original or an officially certified copy of the recommendation can be accepted. If the application includes more than one recommendation letter, only one arbitrarily selected recommendation will be included in the evaluation.

Due date 11.1.2019, 15:00
Delivery address
Admission Services, University of Helsinki
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