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Master's Admission, Master's Programme in Economics, Master of Social Sciences (2 years)

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Application for Master's Programmes in English, spring 2019 (University of Helsinki)
Application period
3.12.2018, 08:0011.1.2019, 15:00
Study places (for first timers) (for first timers)
34 (0)


You may apply if you meet the following three requirements:

  1. You have completed by 31 July 2019 a first-cycle degree (e.g., bachelor’s degree) or second-cycle degree (e.g., master’s degree) or a postgraduate degree in Finland or abroad.
  2. You have completed or will complete studies required for the master’s programme by 11 January 2019. Below are more details concerning applicable studies.
  3. You have sufficient proficiency in Finnish, Swedish or English. For further instructions on demonstrating your language proficiency, see the section “Required attachments”.

If you are, or have been, a degree student at the University of Helsinki, please check any special provisions that may apply to you.

If you have refugee status or are in a refugee-like situation, please read the applicable instructions.  

Choosing a study track

The Master’s Programme in Economics has two study tracks and can admit no more than 34 new students. You can only apply to one of the study tracks, and you will have to select your study track on the application form.

Study tracks in the programme:

  • General Economics (20 new students)
  • Economics Research (14 new students)

If the maximum intake of students per study track is not filled, the master’s programme may, within the resources available, admit additional applicants from another study track of the programme so that the maximum intake of admissions is filled. 

Ad­mis­sion proce­du­re

Applicants to the Master’s Programme in Economics must have completed a sufficient amount of studies applicable to the discipline of the selected study track. The studies included in the degree serving as grounds for application to the programme, or the studies completed in addition to that degree, must be applicable and appropriate to the master’s programme and its disciplines in terms of both content and the applicant’s performance so as to provide sufficient knowledge and skills for master’s studies.

You may be admitted if

  • You prove your eligibility (see above) by the deadline
  • You submit an electronic application during the application round and submit the required attachments by the specified deadline.The application form is open from 3 December 2018 (8:00h Finnish time) to 11 January 2019 (15:00h Finnish time). Read more about what will happen after the application period.
  • You have completed studies worth at least 35 credits providing a sufficient basis for master’s level studies in economics and include intermediate-level courses in micro- and macroeconomic theory as well as econometrics.
  • You have completed studiesin mathematics and statistics to the extent that they provide sufficient knowledge and skills for master’s studies.

Please note: even if the degree you are using as grounds for application is not completed during the application round, you must have a sufficient amount of applicable studies completed by 11 January 2019.

The applicability of the field and the sufficiency of the completed studies will be evaluated in conjunction with admission. The University of Helsinki does not provide any preliminary evaluation on the suitability of the applicant’s previous studies.

Factors affecting admissions:

  • Applicability of previous studies to the selected study track in the master’s programme
  • Academic performance
  • Letter of motivation
  • Short scientific text

Applications will be scored, and your admission will depend on the score your application has received.

If in this round of admissions you are applying for more than one master’s programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, you must rank them in order of preference on your application form. If you could be admitted to more than one programme, you can only be admitted to the one you have ranked the highest.

Ad­mis­sion res­ults

Applicants will be informed of the results of the student selection by 12 April 2019 at the latest. Please note the one study place per term provision if you are applying for more than one study programme in spring 2019.

Stu­dy right to be awar­ded

If you are admitted, you have been granted the right to pursue the degree of Master of Social Sciences in the Master’s Programme in Economics.

In the multilingual Master’s Programme in Economics, you can choose the language of your degree to be Finnish, Swedish or English. This means that even though most of the teaching will be offered in English, you can answer examination questions and write course assignments and your master's thesis in the language that you select as the language of the degree.

Please note that you can apply to pursue this master’s programme in one language only and that the language selected by you for this admission procedure will determine the language of your degree (Finnish, Swedish or English). You must select the language of your degree when submitting your application.


Statistics on applicants can be found on the University’s webpage.

Required attachments

The application must be accompanied by the following documents, and the documents must be submitted as instructed below:

  • Officially certified copy of the degree certificate/diploma
  • Official transcript
  • Certificate of language proficiency
  • Authorised translations into English, Finnish or Swedish (when necessary)
  • A photocopy of your passport OR your official identity card OR your Finnish residence permit card
  • Diploma supplement (if available)
  • Letter of motivation to be included in the application form
  • Short scientific text to be included in the application form

1) Read carefully the instructions on application enclosures and their submission.

2) You must choose the language of your degree (English, Finnish or Swedish) on the application form and demonstrate your language proficiency accordingly. For further information on the demonstration of language proficiency, please see the university’s instructions on demonstration of language proficiency.

3) If the degree serving as grounds for application to the programme is still incomplete, you need not submit a degree certificate/diploma with the application documents. If you are admitted, the admission decision will be conditional, and you will receive instructions with your letter of admission for submitting the official degree certificate/diploma. NB! The final degree certificate/diploma must be presented by 14 August 2019 at the latest.


Due date 11.1.2019, 15:00
Delivery address
Admission Services, University of Helsinki
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