How can students influence the Language Centre?

Student members of the Committee for the Development of Teaching

The members of the Language Centre’s Committee for the Development of Teaching include both staff and students. The Committee supports and promotes the planning, provision and assessment of teaching at the Language Centre, and plans and organises pedagogical training sessions and seminars. In addition, the Committee discusses current issues related to teaching, particularly language teaching, at the Language Centre and the University of Helsinki. The contribution of students is essential. The Committee members also serve as liaisons between their faculties’ students and the Language Centre, and participate in consultations between their faculties and the Language Centre.

The two student members and their two deputies are selected for a fixed term. The Committee for the Development of Teaching meets approximately once a month during terms. The student members highlight student needs, opinions and development proposals concerning language studies and their provision. The students can participate in planning the Language Centre’s pedagogical training sessions and seminars together with staff and can also attend the events organised.

Membership in the Committee for the Development of Teaching provides students with general career skills, such as cooperation and interaction skills as well as assessment and development expertise. The activities can award students with credits (1–3 cr) that they can include in the elective studies of their degree.

The University of Helsinki Student Union provides information about ongoing application processes via Halloped. The Language Centre’s Committee for the Development of Teaching invites applications for student representatives at the end of the calendar year.

Traineeships or theses

Where possible, the Language Centre offers positions for students interested in traineeships or teaching practice. Each position must be separately agreed. If you are completing a thesis on a topic that is related to the Language Centre’s mission and can help develop the Centre’s operations, the Centre can provide you with financial support according to its means.

If you are interested in a traineeship or thesis work at the Language Centre, please contact Sinikka Karjalainen, Head of Development.