Language skills level tests for University of Helsinki applicants

English tests for PhD candidates only are organised by Helsinki University Language Services.
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Tests are organised only for PhD candidates to the University of Helsinki.

Please see language tests on Intranet Flamma or contact your supervisor or faculty international coordinator.

OTHER tests (not organised by the university)


English, Finnish and Swedish:
YKI tests = National Certificate of Language Proficiency

Please note that the number of candidates to these tests is limited: register in time.

Reading comprehension test

The reading comprehension section consists of assignments related to texts of various lengths on various subject matters. The assignments may include, for example:

  • questions testing comprehension
  • a selection of words for which explanations must be provided  
  • multiple-choice questions.

Grammar and vocabulary test

This section contains assignments measuring your proficiency in grammar and vocabulary. The assignments may involve:   

  • changing the structure of a sentence according to instructions
  • completing a sentence with the most appropriate word
  • completing a sentence with a missing word.

Writing test

The section contains assignments of various lengths and types on various subject matters, with the aim of assessing

  • proficiency in vocabulary and grammatical structures
  • the range of linguistic competence
  • the organisation and coherence of the text produced
  • the appropriateness of the text produced.

Oral skills test

This section includes two participants (pair interview) and an interviewer, who steers the conversation.  The conversation may start off with a question, argument, picture, series of pictures or a short listening assignment. The interview serves to evaluate

  • the range of linguistic competence
  • the fluency, coherence and correctness of speech
  • interaction skills.

 Instructions for the assignments will be provided in the language to be tested.

Earlier tests or sample tests are not available.