Beginner level Finnish courses, autumn 2018

You can begin to learn Finnish either on a Suomi 1 course or the intensive Suomi 1+2 course.

The courses Suomi 1 have a total of 48 lessons (4 credits), meeting twice a week, and they require a minimum of 70 hours of independent work. You can choose from three parallel groups (Suomi 1A–1C). The intensive course Suomi 1+2 has a total of 104 lessons (8 credits), meeting three times a week, and it requires a minimum of 140 hours of independent work. The Finnish for False Beginners course has 16 lessons (1 credit). Please note that we do not take new students to Suomi 1+2 or Suomi 1 courses after the second lesson.

Suomi 1A - FULL!



14.30 - 16.00
► Yliopistonkatu 3, P722

14.30 - 16.00
► 13.9.–25.10. Fabianinkatu 26, sh 204

► 1.11.–29.11. Unioninkatu 34 Aud IV


Teacher: Maija Lepola

Course fee: 200 €

The course is full!

We recommend that students starting with Suomi 1 study an Internet course beforehand: A Taste of Finnish.