The IT Center is a separate department at the University of Helsinki. It has a Board assigned by the Rector. The Center is divided into IT administration and IT services.

Organisation as of 1 August 2016:

Tike organisaatio (ENG) 2/2017


IT management

IT management is in charge of the sector's direction and strategy. It is run by Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo. IT management is in charge of setting the IT architectures and standards, making blanket purchase agreements, managing the centralised information security services of the university and the strategic planning of the information security sector, and monitoring the development of the sector's services, volumes, and expenses.

IT services

IT services is in charge of both the centralised IT services and the IT services produced in the service centres of campus areas. It is run by IT Service Manager Eija Heiskanen. The Service Managers are in charge of their respective services. The service production is divided into four subunits:

Technology Services is responsible for maintaining the server and network infrastructure, production-related maintenance of databases, user administration systems, network services, data traffic, storage space services, technical information security and central management of workstations.

IT Solutions primarily serves the units of the university. Its duties include the support and coordination of IT system projects and acquisitions, IT centre project portfolio management and application development, as well as coordination of quality work and development of operations. The subunit is also responsible for the support of teaching and research, video services, and unit communications.

Centralised Support primarily serves user customers. It is in charge of consulting services, software, and workstation services.


The Board

The Board, directed by its Chair and partnered with the Chief Information Officer, develops the overall operations of the IT Center in accordance with the objectives of the operations, finances and strategy of the university and the target programme of the IT Center. The Board processes the target programme of the IT Center and the related HR plan and budget. In addition, the Chief Information Officer may ask the Board to settle other necessary and extensive matters.

Vice-Rector Jouko Väänänen, Faculty of Science, chairman
IT specialist Mikko Alasaari, IT Center (representative of personnel)
Dean Jouni Hirvonen, Faculty of Pharmacy
Head of Administration Esa Hämäläinen, vice chairman
Head of Development Päivi Karimäki-Suvanto, City Centre Campus
Director Marja Kylämä, Academy of Finland
Professor Kirsti Lonka, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
Bachelor or Arts Piia-Leena Heikkilä (representative of HYY)
Dean Risto Renkonen, Faculty of Medicine
Chief Information Officer, Tuomo Rintamäki, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Administration Service Director Antti Savolainen, Central Administration
Dean Marketta Sipi, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
University Librarian Kimmo Tuominen, Helsinki University Library
Vice Dean Esko Ukkonen, Faculty of Science

Presenting official CIO Ilkka Siissalo and secretary Merja Eklin.


The Management Group

Chief Information Officer Ilkka Siissalo
Director of IT Services Eija Heiskanen
Head of IT management Merja Eklin
IT manager Minna Harjuniemi
IT manager Jukka Hienola
IT manager Timo Kauramäki
IT manager Teo Kirkinen
IT manager Mika Kivilompolo
Head of Faculty Administration Anne-Mari Sund
IT Specialist Yvonne Kivi (secretary)