Your legacy for science - make a bequest

Science and research help us find solutions to major global challenges. A legacy gives you the opportunity to make a difference with the assets you leave behind, for the benefit of science, research, future generations and all of society.
We look after your legacy

The University of Helsinki is a reliable, trustworthy and financially stable recipient and investor of legacies. The University annually receives several legacies assigned to different disciplines, and it has dozens of historical funds based on legacies dating back centuries. The oldest fund was founded on the legacy of Lieutenant Erik Ekestubbe in 1745.

How to make a will

The testator specifies in their will how the assets are to be used. The legacy, or a part of it, can be allocated directly to a specific discipline or to the University of Helsinki in general.

The University commits to complying with the donor's wishes, as expressed in the will, when it receives the donation after the completion of the estate inventory. It carries out the donor’s wishes in a way that ensures a long-term impact.

A trustee, lawyer or other legal representative can help you draw up the legacy. The University can help with formulating the wording for the allocation of assets or with any other provisions, should the donor wish.

Let us know if you plan to include the University of Helsinki in your will. We can tell you more about the impact of donations and about other topics of interest to you.

How can I allocate my legacy?

You can allocate your legacy directly to a specific discipline, to be used as decided by the relevant faculty, or establish a fund carrying the donor's name. Specific rules for the fund will be drawn up based on the instructions in your will.

Named funds are established as part of a discipline-specific fund. They can be established during the lifetime of the legacy giver.

The University’s Donor Relations will draw up the rules for the fund and provide advice on questions related to its establishment. The fund will be established under the University of Helsinki Funds by a decision of the University’s chief financial officer.

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