NaPPI obtained access to EGI

NaPPI infra teamed up with European colleagues at INRAE, WUR and UCPH to build open plant phenotyping data management processes.

High-throughput plant phenotyping platforms now produce massive datasets involving millions of plant images concerning hundreds of different genotypes at different phenological stages in both field and controlled environments. Networks of sensors also measure environmental conditions in real time. The ongoing robotization of experimental processes foreshadows an explosion in the volume and complexity of the data produced by the different research facilities.

The EGI-ACE Horizon 2020 project delivers the ‘EOSC Compute Platform’, a distributed federated compute infrastructure that serves users of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EGI-ACE (EGI Advanced Computing for EOSC) builds on the pan-european EGI e-infrastructure federation and provides various types of infrastructures, platforms and software services from publicly funded compute centres, commercial service providers and research communities with pan-European relevance.

Together with colleagues UH NaPPI participated in the EGI ACE success story.