Awake Rodent Research Platform / BIU-IVI

ARRP provide services in two-photon in vivo imaging of the brain and spinal cord in anesthetized and awake freely moving rodents.

Contact person: Leonard Khiroug, +358 45 635 2270,

Location: Biomedicum, Haartmaninkatu 8, Meilahti Campus


  • In vivo two-photon imaging of brain and spinal cord  in anesthetized and awake freely moving rodents


  • Olympus FV1000MP two-photon imaging system. SpectraPhysics MaiTai laser.
  • Femtonics Femto2D-Dual two-photon imaging system combining slower galvo and faster resonant scanner. SpectraPhysics MaiTai laser.
  • Hood for animal surgeries
  • Image analysis system with dedicated software


  • Morphological studies of the brain and spinal cord on cellular and subcellular level in physiological conditions and disease models
  • Fast functional calcium imaging of brain neuronal networks
  • Brain pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of fluorescently-labeled drugs

User fees:

The research infrastructure is supported by Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki. The academic prices (excl. VAT) are listed below. Please, ask a quotation for your project.




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Use of image analysis software



Image analysis