Genome Biology Unit

Genome Biology Unit (GBU) initiated in 2010 and is a node of national Biocenter Finland Genome-wide methods network (GWM) and a part of GoEditStem platform of HiLIFE at University of Helsinki. GBU provides genome-scale cDNA/ORF clones and related services, digital slide scanning, training and user support. For more information please visit our website:

1. Clones and cloning: GBU's reagent collection contains full-length cDNAs (MGC collection) consisting in about 29 000 clones and a library of open reading frames (ORFeome collaboration) consisting in about 18 600 fully verified clones. The ORF library clones are available in Gateway-based entry vectors and we provide cloning service into various Gateway destination vectors for Biocenter Finland research groups.

2. Digital slide scanning service: In 2014 GBU started digital slide scanning service (Pannoramic 250 FLASH II, 3DHISTECH). We scan both bright-field and fluorescent slides using either 20x or 40x air objectives. The scanner is equipped with z-stack and extended focus options.

Contact:, +358 50 4488643, Principal Investigator Tea Vallenius

Location: Meilahti campus, Biomedicum Helsinki 1, 3rd floor, room B319b, Haartmaninkatu 8


  • cDNA/ORF clones
  • Gateway cloning
  • Digital slide scanning with bright field and fluorescence
  • Training and user support


  • Genome-scale cDNA/ORF collections
  • Set-up for Gateway technology
  • Digital slide scanner Pannoramic 250 FLASH II (3DHISTECH) equipped with 20x and 40x objectives


  • cDNA/ORF clones for research purposes
  • Destination constructs in several Gateway vectors
  • Digitalization of tissue sections, cells, TMAs and other types of samples on microscope slides (e.g. immunohistochemistry, fluorescence, in situ)

User fees:

Clone and clone services

The research infrastructure is supported by University of Helsinki (HiLIFE and Faculty of Medicine) and Biocenter Finland. Clone and clone services are available only for Biocenter Finland research groups. For more information please contact

3DHISTECH slide scanning (University of Helsinki), €/slide, VAT 0%

20x bright field scanning, automated run:
- 3€/slide routine scanning focusing to one plane
- 5€/slide with extended focus or Z-stack

40x bright field scanning, automated run:
- 5€/slide routine scanning focusing to one plane
- 7€/slide with extended focus or Z-stack

Fluorescent scanning:
- 20€/h, minimum charge 5€/slide

If the routine scanning is not sufficient for your slides:
- Manual scanning (automated sample detection not possible) 20€/h
- Cleaning and scraping of slides prior to scanning 20€/h

GBU welcomes slides for test scanning free of charge!