FuGU/Libraries maintains and distributes human and mouse genome-wide, arrayed lentiviral vector -based shRNA (The RNAi Consortium (TRC) library, Broad Institute) and CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA (Sigma-Aldrich) libraries. The shRNA libraries consist of 160,000 distinct constructs, whereas the gRNA libraries contain altogether ~ 80,000 clones. Main services include the production of glycerol stocks, DNA preparations, standard and concentrated recombinant viral particles from the libraries and customer-provided constructs. Additionally, shRNA/ CRISPR library knockdown/-out validation is done as a service by using LightCycler 480 instrumentation and Universal ProbeLibrary (UPL) probes (Roche). FuGU/Libraries is a non-profit core facility. Reagent, equipment and labor expenses are charged from UH customers, whereas for external customers overheads are charged. Pricing has been done according to the University of Helsinki finances instructions.

Contact person: Principal investigator and genome editing specialist Topi Tervonen, +358 2941 25494, topi.tervonen@helsinki.fi; Research coordinator and virus production specialist Maria Salmela, +358 2941 25494, maria.salmela@helsinki.fi

Location: Biomedicum Helsinki 1, Haartmaninkatu 8, Meilahti campus


  • Bacterial glycerol stock preparations from the library constructs
  • Plasmid DNA preparations from the library constructs
  • Standard or concentrated lentiviral particles from the library constructs
  • Standard or concentrated (only lenti) retro- and lentiviral particles from customer constructs
  • qRT-PCR validation, for example, of efficiency of shRNA-mediated knockdown with LightCycler 480 instrument


  • Arrayed genome-wide lentiviral human shRNA library, 16,000 genes, 5 shRNA constructs/gene
  • Arrayed genome-wide lentiviral mouse shRNA library, 15,950 genes, 5 shRNA constructs/gene
  • Arrayed genome-wide lentiviral human CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA library, 17,166 genes, 2 gRNA constructs/gene
  • Arrayed genome-wide lentiviral mouse CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA library,  20,430 genes, 2 gRNA constructs/gene
  • Universal ProbeLibrary (UPL) from Roche


  • Roche LightCycler 480 II
  • SANYO MDF-U73V and Panasonic MDF-C8V1-PE deep freezers (-80ºC) for long-term storage of the libraries


  • Stable shRNA-mediated gene knockdown by lentiviral gene transfer
  • Stable gene knockout via CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA by lentiviral gene transfer (KO-ready)
  • Efficient gene transfer to hard-to-transfect cells by recombinant lentiviral particle delivery
  • Transient knockdown or permanent knockout in easy-to-transfect cells by transfection of the viral transfer vector (gRNA vectors require Cas9 enzyme from external sources)
  • Generation of user defined libraries
  • Multiplex gene knockout (for example, redundant gene families)

User fees

The research infrastructure is supported by HiLIFE and Faculty of Medicine of University of Helsinki and Biocenter Finland. The academic prices (excl. VAT) can be found from the table below. Please ask for a quotation for you project through this portal 

Product Description Price (eur) 1st order Starting Price (eur) 2 or more orders

Concentrated lentivirus, 180 ul

shRNA from TRC1 library  540 825
Concentrated lentivirus, 180 ul Customer plasmid 375 575
Concentrated lentivirus sucrose purification   35 45
Lentivirus MINI TRC1 (gene set) 390 595

Lentivirus MINI

Customer plasmid

205 275

Lentivirus MIDI

shRNA from TRC1 library 315 435
Lentivirus MIDI Customer plasmid 225 305
Retrovirus MINI From customer's glycerol stock 160 195
Retrovirus MINI From customer's plasmid 95 113
Retrovirus MIDI From customer's glycerol stock 195 255
Retrovirus MIDI From customer's plasmid 110 135
Glycerol stock   15 25
DNA preparation MINI 5 x shRNA from TRC1 library 160 270
DNA preparation MINI 2 x gRNA from CRISPR library 95 140
DNA preparation MINI Customer glycerol stock 65 80
DNA preparation MAXI shRNA from TRC1 library 160 240
DNA preparation MAXI Customer glycerol stock 155 230
Bacterial transformation   55 75
Cell ampouls HeLa/Phoenix Ampho/Phoenix Eco/ HEK-293FT 10