Fill in the e-form Customer information form

Go to reservaton system

Choose Login/Logout (bottom part of the scheduler page). Choose New User Sign up. Fill all the fields! (alternate email is not necessary)


Phone: the number should be 10 digits (add zeros before the number)

State: just write AA here

Department: research program or department, if you can't find it in the list, choose Other...Unlisted

PI:  Principal investigator or supervisor (= who pays the bill !), if you can't find the correct name in the list, choose Other...Unlisted

Account: only place you can leave empty

Press Submit.

If you selected "Other...Unlisted" for department or for principal investigator, now you can add details.

When you try to make a reservation for the first time, you need to press "Send Access Request" -button. You will receive an email when your request has been processed.

Find the instrument under the title "Biomedicum FACS core". When making a reservation, the following information should be given:

Event name: Principal investigator or supervisor (= who pays the bill)

Description: Fixed, living cells or living GMO. Laser lines and nozzle you have planned to use. Are you doing a sort or analysis.

Time: start time of experiment (it's 12 hours clock am/pm required!)

Duration: duration by 30min slots, for FACSAria 60min

If you have any requests, please send an email to personnel

Send confirmation email: if chosen, details of the reservation will be emailed to you

Send reminder: if chosen, a reminder email will be emailed to you

Reservations can be made 30 days in advance.

Cancellation deadline is 12 hours for analyzers and 24 hours for sorters prior to reserved time. If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as early as possible.

Extending session: If you need more time than you have reserved you should extend your reservation by clicking your reservation on calendar and choosing 'Extend session'. Of course this is possible only if there is a free time slot after your reservation.