Results examples

Uranium compounds at U L3-edge

Feasibility study at U L3-edge for some uranium oxides shows very good agreement between spectra collected using HelXAS and at the ROBL beamline at ESRF facility.

Related publication : R. Bès, T. Ahopelto, A.-P. Honkanen, S. Huotari, G. Leinders, J. Pakarinen, K. Kvashnina, Laboratory-scale X-ray absorption spectroscopy approach for actinide research: Experiment at the uranium L3-edge, Journal of Nuclear Materials 507 (2018) 50-53.

Mn oxides at Mn K-edge

A feasibility study at Mn K-edge for some manganese oxides shows very good XANES spectra, collected in few minutes. One may easily distinguish the expected different Mn valence states and local environment fingerprint in the spectra.