Why use our facilities for your Research, Development and Innovation projects?

The Center for X-ray Spectroscopy is a research infrastructure providing x-ray light for cutting-edge science for both academic and industrial user communities.

The Center operates 3 beamlines (X-ray spectrometers).

We offer a wide range of tools for x-ray spectroscopy including XANES and in some cases EXAFS analyses.

Clients can use the facilities in person on our site in Helsinki or opt for one of the “hands-free” mail-in services covering many of the X-ray techniques available. Samples can be sent conveniently attached to our standard sample holder - a 3D printed wheel that can hold up to 16 samples. Complementing our x-ray spectroscopy instruments, we are a part of the wider ecosystem of materials characterisation facilities at the Kumpula campus of the University of Helsinki.

Please contact us for more information!