Student programme

Interested in X-ray spectroscopy ?

Excited in developing laboratory scale new methods of X-ray based characterization methods? Want to perform material characterization using X-ray absorption and emission at both synchrotron and at laboratory ? Think about our traineeship opportunities!

We are an associate partner of the MaMaSELF2, the upcoming successor MaMaSELF+ Erasmus Mundus Programme which has been selected to the Erasmus Mundus catalogue until 2028. Please contact us if you wish to have more information and apply to the programme, or do a M.Sc. thesis with us for the programme.

We, at the Center for X-ray Spectroscopy, are opening each year traineeship opportunities and summer jobs for students. They are unique opportunities to participate in innovative research and development in X-ray spectroscopy and other tasks relevant to our research projects. Interested? Please contact us!

Our main contact for traineeship opportunities are:

  • Univ. Researcher René Bes : rene.bes(at)
  • Prof. Simo Huotari : simo.huotari(at)
  • Prof. Gareth Law :