Student programme

Interested in X-ray spectroscopy?

Excited in developing laboratory scale new methods of X-ray based characterization methods? Want to perform material characterization using X-ray absorption and emission at both synchrotron and at laboratory ? Think about our traineeship opportunities!

We are an associate partner of the MaMaSELF2, the upcoming successor MaMaSELF+ Erasmus Mundus Programme which has been selected to the Erasmus Mundus catalogue until 2028. Please contact us if you wish to have more information and apply to the programme, or do a M.Sc. thesis with us for the programme.

We, at the Center for X-ray Spectroscopy, are opening each year traineeship opportunities and summer jobs for students. They are unique opportunities to participate in innovative research and development in X-ray spectroscopy and other tasks relevant to our research projects. Interested? Please contact us!

Our main contact for traineeship opportunities are:

  • Univ. Researcher René Bes : rene.bes(at)
  • Prof. Simo Huotari : simo.huotari(at)
  • Prof. Gareth Law :


In addition to topics-to-define-together, we are opening the following opportunities in 2024:

  • X-ray emission spectroscopy as an alternative to X-ray absorption spectroscopy (2 x MSc thesis / Summer job): The two proposed master theses will focus on demonstrating the potential of the X-ray emission spectroscopy performed at the laboratory for the study of 4d and 5d metals (first topic) and for the study of Lanthanides and Actinides (second topic), as an alternative to X-ray absorption spectroscopy for material studies. The second topic is also strongly linked to an opened joint 3-years PhD thesis opportunity between the CEA Marcoule in France and the Helsinki Institute of Physics (follow this link for more details ), to start in October 2024 at the University of Helsinki for a 1.5-year period before continuing at CEA Marcoule, France. Contact: René Bes
  • Development of the range-extended EXAFS approach for the study of chemically complex materials (MSc thesis / summer job) : The main objectives of this MSc thesis is to build and evaluate through ray tracing simulation and experiments the performance of an emission spectrometer dedicated to extended EXAFS measurements, having sufficient resolution for the separation of fluorescence lines (<15 eV) and greater detection efficiency (x2 or more) than existing spectrometers. Contact: René Bes
  • Development of an improved detector for laboratory scale XAS experiments (MSc Thesis / summer job): This project aims to develop and evaluate alternative detection solutions for laboratory scale XAS experiments, with capabilities ensuring the separation of Bragg's harmonics (i.e. < 500 eV), good efficiency and transmission properties (< 10% of photon loss), and a large area (about 3-4 cm2). This project is in collaboration with the detector laboratory of the Helsinki Institute of Physics. Contact: René Bes