Cory Dunn: Organelle Genesis, Dysfunction, and Evolution

Our laboratory is focused upon three major topics, taking advantage of both yeast and human cell culture.

  1. We examine how proteins encoded by the nucleus and synthesized on cytosolic ribosomes make their way to mitochondria and peroxisomes.
  2. We have developed a keen interest in understanding organellar evolution. Specifically, we focus upon positive selection in the mitochondrial genome and upon events during the conversion of the proto-mitochondrial endosymbiont to an organelle.
  3. We study the consequences of mitochondrial DNA damage at the cellular level. One long term aim of our laboratory is to find genetic and pharmacological methods by which we can increase the fitness of human cells with impaired mitochondria.

This laboratory is currently funded by an ERC Starting Grant and by a Sigrid Jusélius Foundation Grant

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