Maturation and differentiation of stem cells

Frederic Michon research group

We are studying the formation and homeostasis of corneal epithelium in physiological and pathological contexts. Our aspiration is to decipher the genetic network sustaining the maintenance of corneal epithelium to propose new regenerative medicine strategies for patients facing corneal blindness.  

We focus on the steps leading stem cell fate determination and on the molecular cues that trigger their homing to the niche. Moreover, we unravel the factors, which either maintain the stemness or lead to cell differentiation, and how this network is modulated during aging, genetic defects and/or upon corneal trauma. 


Frederic Michon, PhD
Senior Researcher 
Institute of Biotechnology, HiLIFE 

Biocenter 2
P.O. Box 56 (Viikinkaari 5D) 
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone:+356 2 941 59491 

Frederic is a Principal Investigator/Associate Group Leader at BI and Principal Investigator at INSERM, Institute of Neurosciences in Montpellier, France.