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We offer internationally recognized unique biomedical research environment in Helsinki. FIMM is the leading genetics and genomics research unit in Finland. We are managing petabytes of human genetic and health data and these datasets will increase tenfold in the forthcoming years. We’re daily collaborating with top researchers and research institutes in the world and international health-care companies to improve health and well-being on a global scale.

FIMM collaborates locally with the Faculty of Medicine, Helsinki University Hospital and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. We are hosting a national Centre of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics of the Academy of Finland and leading FinnGen, a large-scale genomics study of the Finnish population.

FIMM - an Ecosystem for Genetic Discovery and Clinical Translation. This video was prepared for ASHG 2019.

We promote research careers at different levels and participate in international researcher training. FIMM Group leaders will be provided with resources, capabilities and an exciting and fertile research environment to advance their careers in Finland.  With EMBL-style contracts based on a 5+4 years’ model with a mid-term review, the group leaders have the time to prove the feasibility and impact of their bold research proposals. For the Group Leaders, FIMM provides attractive sustainable support packages, including salaries for the group leader, 1-2 postdoctoral fellows, 2-3 doctoral students and technician(s), consumables and modern laboratory facilities. 

The contact person regarding all HiLIFE recruitments is Anu Roine:

Human Resources Specialist
Staff Services

 When starting a recruitment please contact Anu Roine and Sanni Hyppönen:

Human Resources Coordinator
Staff Services


Open positions

Below you will find information about the open positions currently available at FIMM. If none are listed, we do not have any open positions at the moment.

FIMM:iin haetaan Kliinistä koordinaattoria FinnGen tutkimusprojektiin. FinnGen on akateemis-teollinen tutkimusprojekti, joka tähtää sairausmekanismien parempaan ymmärtämiseen tutkimalla 500 000 suomalaisen genomi- ja terveystietoa. Tehtävä edellyttää korkeakoulututkintoa, riittävää lääketieteellisen ja kliinisen tutkimuksen osaamista sekä vahvaa englanninkielen kirjallista ja suullista hallintaa.

Tehtäviin kuuluu mm. kliinisten asiantuntijaryhmien toiminnan suunnitteleminen, tutkimusprojektien koordinointi, etenemisen seuranta sekä raportointi.

Lue koko työpaikkailmoitus ja hae tehtävää 15. marraskuuta mennessä.

FIMM is currently seeking a outstanding candidate for Technician in sequencing core facility. The FIMM Technology Centre uses state-of-the-art technology and methods to help customers solve the puzzles of life science and the team consist of 10 experts working together with FIMM's other core units. 

The primary duty of the technician is to operate the Sanger sequencing service process. The process covers reception of orders and samples from our customers, processing of samples, data QC and release of the results back to customers. A succesfull candidate should be fluent in written and spoken Finnish and English. The working language of FIMM as HiLIFE unit is English.

Read the whole job announcement and apply by November 27, 2020.