Partners and networks

The University of Helsinki has been offering teaching in the field of museum work since the 1960s. The offices of the study programme are situated in the Topelia building at the address Unioninkatu 38 D, 2nd floor.

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is an independent research institution functioning under the University of Helsinki. It preserves and manages the national collections of natural sciences and also performs research in its field.

Werstas is a national museum of social history and labour. It is located in the old factory grounds of the Finlayson textile manufacturer in Tampere. Werstas co-ordinates the Akseli consortium, to which the Helsinki University museum, along with several other museums and archives, belongs. The members of the consortium use a common collection management database.

Arjenhistoria.if is the joint search portal of the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, the Labour Archives, the People’s Archives, the Museum of Electricity Elektra, the Helsinki University Museum, the Päivälehti Museum, the Finnish Emigrant Museum and the Gold Prospector Museum. is a national search portal of Finnish museums, libraries and archives. Finna gives you access to, for instance, material of the Helsinki University Museum that is not on display in the Museum's facilities and that has previously only been accessible by researchers.


TAKO is an acquisitions and collection management network for professionally run museums. Tako coordinates cross-collection collaboration between museums as well as contemporary collection efforts in order to avoid overlaps.

UMAC is the international committee for university museums and collections of the International Council of Museums,  ICOM. It is an international forum for all those working in, or associated with, academic museums, galleries and collections.

Helsinki University Museum and Jyväskylä University Museum organized together an international UMAC conference in September 2017. The website of the conference includes photos taken during the event.

Universeum is a European network which aims at the preservation, study, access and promotion of university collections, museums, archives, libraries, botanical gardens and astronomical observatories.