Collection services

Donations, loans and collection services

To donate objects to the museum, please contact our customer service at

We accept material connected to the history of universities, the general history of scholarship, the University of Helsinki’s research, teaching, studying, student life, academic celebrations and properties, as well as to individuals who have worked at or otherwise influenced the University. Although the focus is on the University of Helsinki, the museum can, as an information centre concentrating on academic history, also record material relevant to other universities and institutions of higher education. We are happy to accept more recent resources from the past few decades too.

After examining the resources offered, our collections team, led by the head of collections, decide whether to accept donations. Please note that we will not accept donations if our collections already contain similar material. Full rights of ownership, use and possession to donated objects and photos are transferred to the museum.

We do not accept deposits.

Loan requests

We loan artworks, photos, archive resources and other objects in our collections only to professional museums. Please note that the condition of each object is assessed when deciding on loan requests.

Loan requests must be made in writing and addressed to the museum’s head of collections at least 6 months before the desired start of the loan period.

Photographic, archive and library services

Our archive and library are open as agreed.

If you wish to visit us to investigate our resources or use our photos in a publication, please contact our customer service at