Art Room FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Please note that we do not give:

- recommendations or information on other institutions’ art courses, art schools and teachers / private art instruction
- evaluations, comments or price assessments of drawings and other artworks.

When does registration start? What kind of courses are available?

All information on courses can be found on the Art Room’s website under Art Room Courses. If the course schedule is not available, it is still in the making. Usually, registration for autumn courses begins in the first half of September and for spring courses in the first half of January. Course programs and registration times will be found on our website about one week before the registration starts.

The best way to get information on upcoming courses and other events is by joining our mailing list. You can join the list by sending a message to

We will always inform about upcoming courses on social media as well, so follow us on:





Must I be enrolled at the University of Helsinki to be able to attend the courses?

We also offer courses open to everyone. Art Room Drawing Nights and Art Room Classics – intensive courses are open to everyone. Also, theme nights, drawing trips and special events are open to everyone.

However, you can attend the student courses only if you have registered as an attending student or postgraduate student for the same term.


Do you need models?

Persons of all ages, sizes and shapes qualify as art models. At the moment, we are not actively looking for models. However, we are happy to add information on new models to our list. As a rule, we hire models with previous life drawing modeling experience, but if you don’t have any, it is worth pointing out other relevant experience and / or training (in the field of theatre or dance, for example) in your message. We try to hire diverse models. It is not obligatory to attach a face photo, CV or a modeling portfolio. Send your application by e-mail to