Helsinki University Museum Flame – About us

Helsinki University Museum Flame is a museum maintained by the University of Helsinki, and as such constitutes an important part of the University’s public engagement and outreach activities. We take care of the university's cultural heritage.
Helsinki University Museum is now Helsinki University Museum Flame

As of summer 2023, Helsinki University Museum is now known as Helsinki University Museum Flame. The new name ties together the museum attractions and operations, including the Observatory and the Art Room. The museum’s name in Finnish is Tiedemuseo Liekki and in Swedish Vetenskapsmuseet Lågan.

Helsinki University Museum Flame wishes to inspire visitors with the achievements of researchers and artists and to advance scientific literacy. The change in the museum’s name was prompted by its new concept of operations, which is based on a multidiscplinary and phenomenon-based approach to the exhibition content while drawing on the strengths of the museum collections and venues. The advances of the various fields of scholarship and the University’s societal significance feature at the centre of the museum’s mission of disseminating information. After the renovation of the University Main Building, Helsinki University Museum Flame is accommodated in new street-level exhibition facilities on Fabianinkatu, which enhances its accessibility.

Mission and vision

Helsinki University Museum Flame reinforces the social status and appreciation of research-based knowledge.

We preserve and showcase the history and cultural heritage of the University of Helsinki as well as research and education in the University’s various disciplines. We highlight the University’s societal significance. We provide background to the University’s forward-looking work by presenting the history of various phenomena.

We work to enhance public confidence in research and promote scientific literacy. We address the challenge of disinformation by showing how research-based knowledge is constructed. We promote equal learning and diverse education and make the University familiar to more and more people.

As part of the University of Helsinki organisation, we strengthen the University’s public image and the cohesion of the University community. We bring scholarship and art together in surprising ways with various cooperation partners. We join forces with the University in highlighting its contributions to building and strengthening society.

We invite people to recognise how science and research are part of life. We showcase the human side of research work and make connections with visitors’ personal experiences. We sustain and promote the arts as part of the process of education and edification known as Bildung. The experiences we provide stem from the wonders of scholarship and art.