Accessibility at Learning Centre Minerva

Learning Centre Minerva is located on the City Centre Campus, in the University facilities on Siltavuorenpenger.
Trans­port con­nec­tions

Learning Centre Minerva is located on Siltavuorenpenger, in Kruununhaka. The University facilities on Siltavuorenpenger are located on top of a steep hill. 

The nearest public transport stops are for tram number 7 and bus number 16 on Liisankatu (Snellmaninkatu, 0454 and 0455).


There are a few spaces reserved for disabled parking on Siltavuorenpenger. The nearest are located in the Siltavuorenpenger 5B courtyard and the courtyard between Siltavuorenpenger 1 and 3.

Get­ting around

From the entrance floor of the building, take the lift down to Learning Centre Minerva. The Learning Centre is located on floor K2.

There are no motion detectors on the doors. If you require assistance for opening the doors, call the porters on  02941 29579.

The Learning Centre facilities have enough space for getting around in a wheelchair.

Adjustable electric desks can be found near the entrance.