Individual arrangements

If you need help using the library's facilities, collections or services because of a disability, you can get help from the library's customer services.
Spe­cial services

You can register as a special services customer if you have a Helka library card and need assistance with accessing the library's facilities, collections or services due to a physical disability, learning difficulty or some other impairment.

As a special services customer

  • Course books may be loaned to you for an extended period of time
  • Library staff may assist you in collecting your requested books from the shelves
  • Requested books may be delivered to your home by post
  • Library staff may assist you in registering as a Celia Library customer
  • You may receive personal guidance and advice on information retrieval and writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.
  • If you find that you need special assistance in using the library because of some disability, please ask about special services from the library's service desk. You can contact customer service via our feedback form, by phone, or by visiting the customer service desk at any of the library's locations.

Information on the agreed special services will be recorded in your customer data in the Helka database. This entry can only be seen by the library's customer service staff.

Di­verse learners

The library offers special support in information retrieval to students of the University of Helsinki who need this service due to a learning difficulty or some other reason. For example, you are entitled to personal advice on information retrieval (one hour) to support your studies.

  • Please contact the library to agree on organising additional support. Explain where you need help and suggest times suitable for you.
  • A specialist from the library will contact you and ask for additional information, if required.