It is recommended that you make a request for the book. Otherwise the current borrower may renew the loan. It is possible that the loan is returned before the due date but it may be returned late as well. We will inform you of the arrival of requested books by email. You can also monitor the status of the request in real time by accessing your Helka account.

You can request a book that is out on loan. NB! You may not request a book that you currently have on loan. Short term loans or books currently on the shelves cannot be reserved.

You can make a request online. The library's customer service will help you with making a request if needed. To make a request, you will need the number and PIN code of your Helka card. You will receive a reservation ID in your email that will help you to find the reservation in the self-service pick-up area.

You can place a storage retrieval request yourself online. A reservation is placed in the Helka database in the same way as a regular reservation. To place an request, you must be logged in to Helka. If necessary, the library's customer service provides guidance on placing a storage retrieval request.

You can follow in your account in Helka when the material you have requested can be retrieved. You will also receive an reservation notification by e-mail when the material you have requested can be picked up.

Requesting a textbook costs €1, and the fee is added to your user account when the item is ready to be collected. There is no charge for making requests for other books. However, you will be subject to a €2 fine for not picking up or cancelling your request by the last pick-up day.

You can make a request online in the Helka database. You can also make a request at the library customer service desk or through the library service number. Requests cannot be made by email or post.

You can reserve the book yourself online. You can place a reservation in the Helka database on both books on loan and books on the shelf, with a few exceptions. To make a reservation, you must be logged in to Helka.

Read more on the website Place a reservation or Order from the storage

The status of books that have already arrived in the library and are currently being processed is displayed in Helka as “In process”. If you come in to the library and make a request at the customer service desk, we will process the book as quickly as possible. So in this case, your best option is to visit the customer service desk.

The library has ordered the book, but it has not arrived yet. Because it is difficult to assess when the book will be available, and because sometimes we are unable to obtain the books that we've ordered, it is not possible to make requests for books before they have arrived and their status is shown as "In process” (see the previous question).

If you contact the library at the latest by the last pick-up date, we can already register the book as borrowed with your library card and you can pick it up later.

Yes, if you give them your Helka card. The requests are collected from the self-service shelf, unless you have separately prohibited self-service collections. Please remember, however, that you are responsible for all materials borrowed with your card.