Instructions on e-book reader applications

Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 is automatically downloaded to every computer at the University.

Instructions on installing the software to your device

Using the application

  • After downloading an e-book to Adobe Digital Editions, you can read it by clicking the Read button. You can go back to the library view by clicking the Library button.
  • By right-clicking the mouse, a menu will appear showing additional information, i.e. how many pages you may print and where the book file is located on your device. You can also return or remove a book from the menu.
  • You can authorise the application with an Adobe ID when you first launch the program, or later by selecting Authorize Computer from the Help menu. You can remove the authorisation with a keyboard shortcut ctrl –shift – d (PC) or command – shift – d (Mac), or by selecting Erase Authorization from the Help menu.
  • If you want to read the same book with multiple devices, you will need to authorise Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID. The book files are located in the My Digital Editions folder on your device. After the authorisation, you can copy a book file and transfer it to another device, e.g. a mobile device. You can open the transferred book file on the mobile device with your Adobe ID in the Bluefire Reader application.
  • If you have trouble using or downloading an e-book to the application, you can try removing the authorisation.
  • You can also use screen readers with Adobe Digital Editions: JAWS and NVDA (free of charge) for Windows and VoiceOver for Mac.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a software application for opening and editing PDF documents. 

Downloading the program

Adobe Reader updates automatically and often.

The appearance of the application varies according to version and the options available (printing, notes etc.). Many publishers allow e.g. printing from Adobe Reader, while some restrict it. In some cases it is possible to i.e. make notes in the file in the application.

It is easy to check whether printing, saving etc. is allowed. Right-click the file and select Document Properties > Security from the appearing drop-down menu. 

Aldiko is an ebook reader application for the Android and iOS mobile devices.

Downloading the program

How to use the application

To use DRM protected e-books on Aldiko, you must authorise the application using your Adobe ID. You can create a free Adobe ID on Adobe's website. 

You can also create an Aldiko ID for the reader. However, you do not need an Aldiko ID to use the University’s e-books.

Aldiko also offers the option to directly download e-books. The e-books available to the University of Helsinki cannot be accessed this way, but must always be downloaded through the Helka database.

After downloading a book to Aldiko, click the cover to start reading it. To return to the bookshelf view, click the book and the arrow button.

To return or delete a book from the application, press and hold the book cover in the bookshelf view and select Return or Delete in the menu.