Study information seeking online

Participate in this open online course whenever and wherever it fits into your schedule. This course is primarily designed for students about to start working on their bachelor's or master's thesis. The course is suitable for self-access learning and its completion will take 27 hours of study. The course includes a wide variety of multidisciplinary learning materials.  

On the course you will learn how to: 

  • Design information seeking for your thesis
  • Find and evaluate sources of information
  • Manage the information and references for your thesis
  • Use information ethically, taking into account copyright matters

The various language versions of the courses are slightly different: The Finnish and Swedish versions of the course are designed for bachelor’s studies while the English language version is designed for master’s studies. Select the course based on your starting level and areas of interest. 

When you have completed all the compulsory assignments, you can print a certificate of course completion in the course area. The courses are open for one academic year at a time. During summertime, the courses are updated and redesigned.

     You’ll find the link to the courses in the enrolment instructions.

    Online course registration: 

    1. Click on the title of the course you want to take. Sign in using the Haka login with your user credentials for the University of Helsinki or some other Finnish institution of higher education (or research organisation).
    2. Enrol on the course: In the course area, select the Course Dashboard on the left side of the page.
    • You can create a new user account for the platform if you do not have a user ID enabling the Haka login.
    • You can also log in as a guest without a user account, which enables you to browse the course materials but not to complete the course. Select “Log in as a guest” at the bottom of the login page.

    Click the links below for the courses: