Classification Scheme - Educational Sciences

The classification scheme for Educational Sciences in the Main Library

The Educational Sciences collection is located on the 4th floor, basement floor K3 and basement floor K4 of the Kaisa House.

4th floor

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  • Call number in Helka: Hc 4. krs Kasvatustieteet
159.9 Psychology
159.922 Developmental psychology
159.95 Psychology of learning
37(091) History of education
37.01 Philosophy of education
37.014 Educational policy
37.015.3 Educational psychology
37.015.4 Educational sociology
37.017 Aims of education
37.018 Upbringing
37.02 General didactics
37.03 Ethical education. Art education
37.04 Multicultural education. Equality in education
37.06 School community. School-family partnership
37.08 Teaching profession
371 Organization of educational system
371.1 School leadership
371.13 Teacher education
371.2 Student assessment. PISA
371.214 Curricula
371.3 Teaching methods
371.4 Pedagogies
371.5 School safety. Bullying
371.6 Educational technology. Study material. School premises
371.7 Student support
372.3 Early childhood education
372.4 Primary education
372.8 Subject teaching
372.82 Teaching religion
372.83 Teaching social sciences
372.85 Teaching science. Environmental education
372.851 Teaching mathematics
372.86 Teaching home economics, crafts, health education, information technology and media literacy
372.87 Teaching art. Teaching music
372.879.6 Teaching physical education
372.88 Language teaching and learning
372.880 Teaching first language
372.89 Teaching geography and history
373 Basic education. Secondary education
374 Informal education. Youth work
374.7 Adult education
376 Special education
377 Vocational education. Polytechnics
378 Higher education. Universities
39 Craft tradition. Food culture
391 Clothig. History of dress and fashion
64 Home economics
677 Textiles. Textile industry
677.02 Weaving. Textile printing. Dyeing. Felting
677.07 Knitting. Crochet. Embroidery. Patchwork
687 Clothes. Sewing. Fashion
Väitöskirjat Doctoral dissertations – Faculty of Educational Sciences in University of Helsinki
Vuosikirjat Yearbooks of education
Koululainsäädäntö School legislation
Hakuteokset Reference books - Educational sciences
Sanakirjat Dictionaries - Educational sciences

Basement floor K3 

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  • Call number in Helka: Hc K3 Kasvatustieteet
Oppikirjat School textbooks
Vanhat oppikirjat Old school textbooks
Sarjat Series
05 B Academica

Basement floor K4

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  • Call number in Helka: Hc K4 Kasvatustieteet
613/614 Nutrition. Health
641/642 Cooking. Foods
688/689 Handicrafts
79 Theatre. Dance. Games
796/799 Sports