Study information seeking independently
Open to everybody, everywhere and at any time: learning materials and guides on information seeking.
Start from the ba­sics: Stu­dent's Digital Skills

The learning material orients you to the digital environment of the University of Helsinki. The course section on information seeking introduces Helsinki University Library services and instructs you on how to search for information.

The material itself is open to all, but to complete the course and gain credits for it, you must have the right to pursue studies at the University of Helsinki.

Infor­mation Seek­ing and Man­age­ment for Thesis Writers

This course is primarily designed for students about to start working on their bachelor's or master's thesis.

Students at the University of Helsinki will register for the course in Sisu. 

Anyone is welcome to view the materials by logging in as guests. Users logged in as guests cannot complete the course assignments. 

During the course, you will learn to: 

  • identify and use appropriate online databases to locate material relevant to their research topic
  • automate citations/bibliographies in their workflow using reference management software
  • understand how reference management software can be used as personal research databases
  • evaluate the academic quality of found material and describe the peer review process
  • recognize important themes in research ethics such as what academic integrity entails
  • utilize the practices and support channels for open science related topics at our university. 

The course involves seeking information on a chosen topic and practising the use of the information seeking tools introduced on the course. 

Guides for self-study