Study information seeking independently

Open to everybody, everywhere and at any time: learning materials and guides on information seeking.
Start from the ba­sics: Stu­dent's Digital Skills

The learning material orients you to the digital environment of the University of Helsinki. The course section on information seeking introduces Helsinki University Library services and instructs you on how to search for information.

The material itself is open to all, but to complete the course and gain credits for it, you must have the right to pursue studies at the University of Helsinki.

Infor­mation Seek­ing and Man­age­ment for Thesis Writers

Information Seeking and Management for Thesis Writers is a online course, for learning skills needed in completing a thesis. The course area is suited to the independent study of information seeking and management.  

This course is primarily designed for students about to start working on their bachelor's or master's thesis at the University of Helsinki. The course is suited to students of all faculties writing a thesis.  

Students at the University of Helsinki will register for the course in Sisu. 

The materials of the course can be visited at Moodle by anyone as a visitor. Those who sign as a visitor cannot complete the course or do assignments, but they can view course materials.

Students and staff at other universities in Finland can do course assignments on their own when they log into Moodle with a haka login.

If you are not a student at the University of Helsinki and want to log in to the course area, you can find more detailed registration instructions and a Moodle course key on the course page.  

Only students at the University of Helsinki can get the course registered as completed in Sisu.

Guides for self-study