Publishing services - Open platforms

Helsinki University Library offers the University community various alternatives for open access publishing. We provide services and tools for the publication of both monographs and scientific journals. Editori, our platform for journal publication, can be used to practise open access publishing.

Helsinki University Press (HUP) is a fully open access University Press, publishing high-quality scholarly literature.

Helda Open Books is a collection of Helda, the University’s digital repository, HOB can be used to publish entire books, reports and learning materials with the permission of the copyright holders.

Editori, a service by Helsinki University Library for editing and publishing open journals and learning scientific publishing practices

The library also supports the University of Helsinki research community with the publication fees and self-archiving.

Helsinki University Press (HUP) is an open access academic publisher that makes all its publications openly available online. HUP publishes scientific, peer-reviewed monographs, article collections and journals. It is jointly operated by Helsinki University Library and the Gaudeamus publishing house.

Members of the University community can offer their manuscripts to Helsinki University Press for publication. HUP’s services also include peer review and layout.

The Helda Open Books collection contains a selection of high-quality open access monographs and compilations produced by researchers and teachers of the University of Helsinki. The virtual Helda Open Books collection can be found in Helda, the University of Helsinki digital repository.

The University’s researchers and teachers can offer textbooks, classics in different disciplines, compilations from various fields, as well as festschrifts for publication in the collection. The works are published under a Creative Commons licence, and their online visibility will be ensured. The publications will also be equipped with a DOI to boost their international visibility.


Editori, provided by Helsinki University Library, is a platform for publishing open access journals and for learning publication practices. Helsinki University Library uses Editori to provide services for open access academic publishing and to help make academic research visible to University students and staff as well as all others with an interest in science.

The service, which runs on the Open Journals Systems (OJS) publication platform, can be found at Journals in the Editori service are published under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY 4.0). Please contact us at to learn more.

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