Helda digital repository
Helda, the University’s digital repository, contains all the open access publications of the University of Helsinki.

These include researchers’ articles, unit publication series, theses and dissertations, learning materials and research material produced by the University. Monographs can also be published open access in Helda.

As for monographs, the Helda Open Books collection contains classic works from different disciplines as well as high-quality monographs written and edited by researchers at the University of Helsinki. The works are also assigned an international DOI. A work previously published in print can also be republished as an open access work, provided that permission is granted by all the copyright holders.

The publications of University of Helsinki researchers are transferred from the research database to Helda, where they are openly accessible after the end of any embargo set by the publisher.

Theses and dissertations are published open access at the University of Helsinki. Theses and dissertations whose authors have granted permission for online publication are made openly accessible on the internet. Other theses and dissertations are available for browsing in the library facilities.

In the University’s repository:

  • Long-term preservation and use of publications are ensured.
  • The publications receive a permanent URL that also allows citation.
  • Stored publications are harvested for international digital repositories and portals.

If you wish to publish open access learning materials, monographs or publication series in Helda, please contact the library at openaccess@helsinki.fi.