Corona situation at the Library

Information on the special arrangements and changes in services during the coronavirus situation. Last updated April 25.

Follow the instructions for the corona situation displayed in the library. Each customer is responsible for following the safety instructions in all library premises.

Library locations and learning centres are open normally.

Shorter opening hours for the summer season begin in

  • Meilahti Campus Library on May 23 
  • Kumpula Campus Library on May 30
  • Minerva Learning Centre on June 6
  • Kaisa House and Aleksandria on June 23. 
  • Keep adequate distance from other customers and library staff.
  • Please take care of hand hygiene.
  • Only visit the library when you're healthy.
  • Use disinfectant towels to clean shared devices.
    • You can get disinfectant towels from library’s customer service or from the building’s porter.
  • The University continues to recommend the use of protective face masks at your own discretion and in situations where several people are present in facilities and social distancing is impossible.
    • Consider wearing a mask for your personal health and safety, especially if you are in a high-risk group. 

Borrowing, returning and reservation pick-ups are available as a self-service.

  • You are able to pick up books from the shelves and borrow them using the self-service machines.
  • Reserved books can be picked up in the self-service pick-up area.
  • You can return books to the check-in machines and return boxes.

Reference library material, which is not available for home loan, can be accessed in the library as usual.

  • Printed master’s theses and other material at the closed stacks can be requested through Helka database.


Group study rooms and facilities for researchers are available for university community and can be booked in Office365 calender.

Reading and working areas on all of the campus libraries can be used to attend online lectures.

  • The reading and working areas are primarily shared, orange zones, where talking quietly is allowed. 
  • You can follow lectures from the computer using headphones and participate in remote teaching through discussion. 
  • Computer rooms are also in use and are well suited for following distance learning. 
  • In Meilahti, the library facilities in the second floor are dedicated primarily to quiet work. Discussion and attendance in online lectures is permitted in the first-floor facilities. 
  • The first floor of the redesigned Viikki Campus Library is a busy entrance space dedicated to service transactions, which makes it well suited to attending online lectures.
  • The Kumpula Campus Library has a separate room for attending online lectures.

The multifunction printers can be used with a personal ID card and the University of Helsinki user account for copying, scanning and printing. 

  • You can copy and scan documents by using the Print In City service if you do not have a University of Helsinki user ID.
  • Use disinfectant towels to clean shared devices. You can get disinfectant towels from library’s customer service or from the building’s porter.

Due dates was postponed during the exceptional situation 2020-2021. The library will gradually return to normal due date practices during March and April 2022.

  • The library sends due date reminders three days before the due date, on the due date, and immediately after the due date.
  • You can see the due dates of your loans from your user details in Helka and you are able to renew the loans yourself. 
  • A loan cannot be renewed and the due dates won't be postponed if there are requests for the item, the loan has reached the renewal time limit, or if your borrowing rights have been suspended.

The col­lec­tion pro­cess dur­ing the ex­cep­tional situ­ation

The Library’s overdue notices are sent out even during the exceptional situation. The second overdue notice (warning about the collection) is also sent out as usual.

  • Collection of loans was on hiatus in 2020 due to the exceptional situation.
  • This year collection process will resume again: collection of loans overdue in 2020 has started in February 2021.

If there is any doubt about the loans or payments, please contact the service address