Welcome to our RDM basic courses!

Join our online sessions this autumn! RDM basics is an introductory lecture to the key concepts and best practices of research data management.

RDM basic lectures

The Data Support at the University of Helsinki organizes RDM (Research Data Management) basic lectures online during autumn 2021. The lectures are open for UH researchers, postgraduate students and staff members. Find the whole schedule and direct links to the enrolment in our website.

We will answer some central questions on data management, such as: How to define and describe research data? How to make it openly available? Where to store it safely?

The primary language will be English.

Welcome to join us online, remember to sign up!

​​​​​​​If you have any questions concerning research data management or the courses, please contact the Datasupport at the University of Helsinki: datasupport@helsinki.fi