Want to improve your Data Management Plan? Turn to DMP review service

Academy of Finland September 2019 call is open 3.9.-25.9.2019. Data Support´s Data Management Plan review service is available for University of Helsinki researchers who wish their DMP to be checked and commented.

Please, email your DMP at the latest 15 September to datasupport@helsinki.fi. The sooner the better. Plans are handled in arrival order.

NB! Helsinki Data Support arranges Data Management Plan workshops during the August and September. See the full schedule of your campus here.

More information on DMP and RDM:

What are the benefits for researchers?

The Think Open blog asked four researchers at the University of Helsinki how well the DMP services provided by Data Support met their needs.

The researchers were mostly satisfied with the services. For example, researcher Mette Ranta received support for improving and updating her data management plan (DMP).

"I was really pleased with the personal feedback on my DMP. The service met my needs more than I could have expected, the comments were very helpful in improving the plan", Ranta says.

 All researcher interviews and Data Support's comments can be found in the Think Open blog article.