University of Helsinki open repository Helda updated

University of Helsinki open repository Helda has been updated to a new software version in the summer. At the same time, the repository was redesigned in many ways.
What changed?

The software update reimplemented the layout and user interface of Helda. The material in Helda has also been reorganised and the descriptions of publications have been corrected to improve its online visibility and discoverability. As a result of the renewal, the open material stored in Helda, such as University of Helsinki research articles, theses and monographs, will be more easily accessible to everyone.

Helda is based on the open source DSpace software, which is widely used by universities and other organisations. With the upgrade, Helda will use the latest version of the software, which will provide a more stable and reliable platform for storing and making available University of Helsinki publications and other material to interested parties.

Open repository Helda

Helda - open repository of University of Helsinki - provides access to more than 100,000 research publications, dissertations, theses, books, serial publications, reports and other material written at the University. Over 10 000 publications are made available in Helda yearly. Helda's publications are downloaded around ten million times a year. Helda increases the visibility and impact of University of Helsinki research.

The Helsinki University Library is responsible for the maintaining and developing Helda.