On Trial: Sources Chrétiennes Online (SCO) until 11.5.2023

Sources Chrétiennes Online (SCO) contains critical editions of texts from the first 1400 years of the Church. Texts and French translations that have been published in the printed “Sources Chrétiennes” series are now available in a searchable database.

Key Features

  • Online version of the Sources Chrétiennes series
  • Texts in Greek, Latin, Syriac, Armenian and Georgian
  • French translations
  • 501 of the almost 630 printed volumes already available  
  • 100 volumes added per year
  • Both the source texts and the translations are searchable
  • Multiple filters allow for targeted searches
  • 'Instrumenta', a tool implemented in the database, provides you with suggestions of translation (drawn from the Lewis & Short and the Gaffiot) and morphological analysis in a pop-up, for the Latin words encountered in the texts of the database.


Feedback you can send to e-library@helsinki.fi