On Trial: Orbis Global and Orbis M&A until 12.6.

University of Helsinki has access to Orbis Global and Orbis M&A databases until 12.6.

Orbis is the resource for entity data. It has information on close to 400 million companies and entities across the globe – 41 million of these have detailed financial information.


Orbis Global database contains information about 400 million private and public companies worldwide:

  • Europe — about 120 million companies
  • North, South and Central America — about 100 million companies
  • Asia-Pacific region — about 80 million companies

Orbis functionality opens doors to unique analyses of corporate information.


Orbis M&A has information on 2.2 million deals from 200 countries, with a 20-year or longer history in each location.


Feedback from Orbis you can send to: e-library@helsinki.fi