On Trial: new platform SciFinder-n until 10.11

New platform SciFinder-n now available in the University of Helsinki.

University of Helsinki has access to SciFinder-n until 10.11. 

SciFinder-n includes the following new features and content compared to Classic SciFinder-Web 

* automatic search history

* auto-suggest and unlimited reference, structure and reaction answer sets

* Boolean operators i.e. (total OR synthesis) AND "natural product"

* combination of text searches with structures

* multiple searches simultaneously

* new world class relevance ranking and Citation map with onward and backward citations

* search with an asterisk "*" using SLART both left and right-hand-truncation

- "Mu*ller" finds Muller, Mueller, Müller and Mller)

- "benzene*" finds 4-[(1R)-2-Amino-1-hydroxyethyl]-1,2-benzenediol)

* monitoring on reactions and Markush structures (Alerts)

* filtering Regulatory information with truncation to identify compounds by chemical name from international or national chemical lists


  * MethodsNow to 5 million analytical and synthetic method protocols including step-by-step instructions, instruments and recipes ( CAS Method Nr )

    * PatentPak which covers 14 million searchable patent full-texts and pin-pointed substance location in patents including all substance names and structures tagged with CAS Nr

    * CAS Retrosynthesis Planner which is our new "Computer-Aided Synthetic Design" CASD software which allows to create retrosynthesis process to make known target molecules including intermediates, their cost and yields from indexed experimental reaction pathways.

Also in Helka-database.

Feedback you can send to e-library@helsinki.fi