On Trial: Medieval Studies until 31.3.2020

University of Helsinki has access to Medieval Studies -database to the end of March.

Researchers and students are encouraged to use Medieval Studies -database and

  1. Explore articles written by top international contributors in the newly commissioned and exclusive reference work, the Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages.
  2. Browse a library of over 150 eBooks ranging from primary texts to research monographs, companions, primary source readers and more
  3. View 11 medieval maps from the British Library and newly digitized and rare incunabula & illuminated manuscripts Senate House Library, London.
  4. Discover a wealth of material culture object images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  5. Navigate and contextualize key content by time and region using the interactive timeline

Also available in Helka-database.

Feedback you can send to e-library@helsinki.fi