On Trial ClinicalKey Student until 15.4.2021

University of Helsinki has access to an interactive education platform ClinicalKey Student until 15.4.2021.

ClinicalKey Student helps medical students to learn smarter, with access to hundreds of acclaimed textbooks, powerful study tools and a library of video resources.

  • Full Medical Education catalogue Over 200 acclaimed textbooks covering 40 medical specialties, including Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology
  • Videos Over 850 associated videos ranging from practical demonstrations of anatomical dissections to instructional clinical examination examples
  • Images Over 85,000 images previously only available with each print title purchased, but now fully unlocked and discoverable for visual learning
  • Quick access summaries Over 1,500 quick access summaries distilling complex medical conditions into easy-to-understand synopses


  • Using ClinicalKey Student
  • User Profiles: Users are required to create a personal profile to access any content on the site. A personal profile also enables users to use Bookshelf (with highlighting, note-making, and bookmarking functionality), share notes/highlighting, and export notes to OneNote.
  • A free mobile app is available through iOS and Android app stores, search “ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf”.
  • A desktop offline reader is available for Windows 10+ for PC from the Windows App Store and for Mac via this URL: https://downloads.vitalbook.com/vsti/bookshelf/7.5.1/MAC/Elsevier/Elsevier_eBooks.zip

Feedback you can send to: e-library@helsinki.fi