Together to the University event brings extra excitement to the Kaisa House on Mon 27 March

The University is celebrating its anniversary on the 27th ofMarch with a "Together to the University" event, to which the university staff are welcome to invite their loved ones. There will be community programme in the Kaisa House in the afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm.

In the Kaisa House, the community day is celebrated with a playful orienteering from check mark to check mark, answering quiz questions. In the lobby of the library, there is also a memory collection where guests and customers can share their favorite university memories by pinning them on a campus map. For the pleasure of guests and customers, there are also jigsaw puzzles in the lobby again.

In the Kaisa-talo, the community day programme will be held in the lobby area on the entrance floor and on the 4th and 7th floors of the library, where some guests will find their way.

During the event, quieter reading space will be available on the other floors of the building, especially in the cellars.

In addition to Kaisa House, the event will be held in the Think Corner, the National Library, the Observatory, the Natural History Museum and the Main building of the University. You can read more about the day's programme by logging on to the Flamma intranet.